Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Clam Lake Beer Company Review

This is part of a series of posts for Michigan 2014.

The city of Cadillac, Michigan was originally known as 'Clam Lake.' Thus, what was formerly Shay Station became a 139-seat tap house / restaurant known as Clam Lake Beer Company.

Custom metal artwork evokes the early industrial feel of Cadillac and provides a cool and comfortable atmosphere for food and drinks. 

Guinness [$5.50]

I started off with some Guinness - can't help but enjoy the dark stuff. 

Build Your Own Pizza [$12 + $4.50]
Italian sausage, pepperoni, pineapple

We had some of their brick-oven pizza, which featured italian sausage, pepperoni, and pineapple, creating a nice savory-sweet bite.

Portabella Wrap [$8]
Grilled portabella, zucchini, sauteed vegetables, goat cheese, lettuce, sun dried tomato pesto, flour tortilla 

The GF had a portabella wrap, which was nicely crilled on the outside and feature a veritable garden of veggies within, including tangy goat cheese and a nice sun-dried tomato pesto.

Mac n Cheese 

She got a side of mac n cheese substituted for fries for a $1.50 surcharge. This wasn't exactly al dente, but was nicely creamy and semi-sharp, with some bread crumbs for texture.

Southern Heat Burger [$11]
Bacon, chipotle pepper jack, house BBQ & jalapeno onion jam

I went with the burger, though expected a bit more heat and spice. This was actually sweeter than hot, but the crisp bacon and the jalapeno bacon jam provided nice texture and flavor. The burger itself was juicy and moist, with the bun providing a perfect vessel for the innards.

House Chips

We also got house-made chips, which were thick-cut and well-seasoned.

So if you're in the Cadillac, Michigan area, stop by Clam Lake for some beers and some pub fare. They've got you covered. 

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