Friday, July 31, 2015

Genji Japanese Steak House Review

This is part of a series of posts for Michigan 2014.

There aren't many Asian cuisine options in Saginaw, Michigan, but there is a Genji's, which offers teppanyaki grilling a la Benihana.

Providing a sleek atmosphere with a bounty of teppanyaki grills and sushi bar counter seating, Genji makes for a good date or family night out.

Onion Soup

With less salinity than miso soup, the clear broth offered a nice green onion taste.

House Salad

The house salad offered standard ginger dressing found in most sushi restaurants.

Sushi Deluxe [$23.95]
10 assorted deluxe nigiri, spicy tuna roll

The GF's dad decided to try sushi for the first time and really enjoyed it. He was most leery about the eel, but was surprised at the fact that my BBQ description was spot on. These were fairly straightforward offerings including striped bass, tuna, and salmon - all were fresh.

And with that, our friendly teppanyaki master came by and started his show. For those not in the know, expect flips of shrimp and friendly snark.

Shrimp Appetizer

The shrimp were slightly overcooked, but still had good flavor.

We were offered both a soy glaze and a mayo-based sauce for dipping.


Grilled veggies included carrots, mushrooms, onions, and zucchini.

Hibachi Vegetable [$14.95]
Carrots, peapods, broccoli

IF you're ordering the hibachi vegetable entree, expect a larger portion including peapods and broccoli as well.

And in the spirit of all the couples at our table (there were 4), our chef created heart-shaped fried rice!

Fried Rice

The fried rice had great sesame flavor and I appreciated that it wasn't over-salted compared to other hibachi grills I've been to.

Hibachi Steak [$25.95]
10 oz. premium ribeye

While I requested my ribeye medium rare, these choice cuts of beef were still decently marbled and delicious when prepared medium with a light soy glaze.

Teriyaki Chicken [$19.95]

The GF went with the teriyaki chicken which offered moist bits of salty and sweet chicken.

Rainbow Sorbet

For the dessert, we had a range of ice cream options. The GF went with the sweet offering of rainbow sorbet.

Green Ice Cream

I opted for the muted sweetness of the green tea ice cream to cleanse the palate.

So if you're in Saginaw and are craving hibaci/teppanyaki eats, Genji has got you covered without overdosing you with sodium.

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