Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tony's Original Restaurant: Saginaw Review

This is part of a series of posts for Michigan 2014.

You may have heard of Tony's in Michigan - in particular, the one on I-75 which features a bacon sandwich of mammoth proportions - 20 strips! But on a recent trip to Michigan, the GF was at the original Tony's in Saginaw meeting up with a close friend and picked up a steak sandwich for me . I've had the breakfast burrito here at the original location (also huge!), but was in the mood to see what a Michigan steak sandwich entailed. 

Steak Sandwich [$5.50]
Cheese, pizza sauce

While the bread was nicely buttery and grilled, the bread and fries had become soggy because the waitress didn't wait till after the meal (as instructed). The innards of the sandwich features what seemed to be breaded steak and cheddar cheese, along with some pizza sauce. Despite the cold temp, it was still satisfying in a late-night drunk food kind of way. Not ashamed to say it.

I'll definitely have to stop by Tony's again and give it due justice by reviewing the bacon sandwich when I'm in the restaurant.

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