Monday, March 2, 2015

Maison Berthillon Review

This is for a series of posts related to a Paris 2014 trip including: 

After a quick trip up and down the 387 steps at Cathedrale Notre Dame, I wanted to take the GF across the bridge to a nearby island to try some ice cream from famed Maison Berthillon. Around 5PM, there was absolutely no line - so we definitely lucked out!

Vanille et Chocolat Patissier [4.50 Euros = $5.78]
Vanilla and chocolate scoops, waffle cone

The GF decided on chocolate and vanilla. The vanilla was creamy and you could definitely taste the individual grains of the vanilla beans.

The chocolate was rich, dark, and smooth. The waffle cone housed it all well and provided that extra oomph of sugar and texture. Not bad at all. 

Peche Sorbet [2.50 Euros = $3.21]
Peach sorbet, cone 

I went with a lighter touch and opted for peach sorbet. It was sweet, tart, and nicely grainy with real fruit pieces within.

So if you're by the Notre Dame, do take the 5 minute walk over to nearby Masion Berthillon. Sure the portions are a bit puny for the price, but it's not every day you're in Paris!

Maison Berthillon
31 Rue Saint-Louis en l'Île
Paris, France 75004

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