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L'as Du Fallafel Review

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Advertised as some of the best falafel in the world, L'as Du Fallafel is oft-lauded. So amidst of a bevy of multi-course meals in Paris, we were excited to try a "lighter" lunch comprised of their special pita sandwich and their falafel.

Located in a quaint cobble-stone area fives minutes from the Saint-Paul Metro, it's hard to miss. Just go to where the long line is queued up. 

Pro-tip: While the line for to-go orders of falafel are typically long, the wait for a table inside the restaurant is much shorter. In fact, we were seated right away. There's a reason for this though - getting your orders to go net you a price point that's typically a euro lower. 

Inside though, there's plenty of seating and plenty of patrons enjoying the falafel on offer.

They've got two spices on offer - a hot red chili, intense with garlic flavor.

There was also as a lighter green chili blend if you're not looking for that intense garlic taste. 


Several soft, pliant, fresh-made pitas were on offer, easily enjoyed with some of the hummus we ordered as well as the aforementioned spices.

Israeli Plate [9.50 Euros = $12.19]
Hummus, tehina, falafel 

Do try their Israeli plate, which showcases several of the crisp falafel, hummus, and a red pepper paste. The creamy hummus was redolent with sesame-tehini flavor, with actual sesame seeds studded throughout. The red pepper paste had great flavor, with small onions minced throughout.

But the true star? Obviously those crispy nuggets of falafel - incredibly soft and moist inside. It's not overpowered with seasoning - just right. Delicious.

Special Falafel Sandwich [8 Euros = $10.27]
Hummus, Turkish salad, eggplant 

But on to their prize plate - the special falafel sandwich. A soft, fluffy pita housed creamy eggplant, lent some nice texture and flavor. There was also some of that great falafel. It's all covered with a creamy tahini sauce and crunchy Turkish salad, with cabbage, cucumber, and tomatoes for some acidity. I could have eaten two to three of these alone.

Lamb Schawarma [10.50 Euros = $13.48] 

I went with the lamb schawarma though - and I'm glad I did. The tender lamb was in incredible - not at all gamey and not overly grassy. Even the GF enjoyed a bite, which was surprising. This had a creamy cabbage slaw that helped to lend some freshness to the heft of the moist lamb.

Having now enjoyed the falafel and the lamb schawarma at L'as du Fallafel, I know why this place is praised by so many. It's now a must stop for me anytime I'm in Paris and highly recommend you check it out! 

L'as du Fallafel
32-34 Rue des Rosiers
Paris, France 75004

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