Monday, June 2, 2014

Chickie's and Pete's: Airport Review

Chickie's & Pete's has a storied history in Philly. Whether you're at a Phillies or Sixers game, you'll see crowds of fans lining up to get their CrabFries. On the backbone of these fries, Chickie's & Pete's has expanded to numerous locations through Philly, including one at the Philadelphia Airport.

So on your way out from Philly, walk over Terminal C & D and get one last taste of Philly before you head on your way.

Combo Fries [$8.50]
Crab Fries, Crabby Sweets

You can't go to Chickie's & Pete's without getting the CrabFries. They're named for the Old Bay seasoning that's typically used for crabs. As the story goes, Pete apparently was thinking of ways to use the left-over seasoning from crab season. He experimented and eventually came up with the proper recipe. The crinkle-cut fries are perfect to hold the salty, spicy seasoning and better yet, the cheese sauce. Chickie's & Pete's has a combo deal which allows you to try the Crabby Sweets, which are essentially sweet potato fries with an accompanying maple syrup sauce. Sweet indeed. Both types of fries were perfectly crispy on the outside and creamy within. A must get.

Chickie's Cutlets [$8]

The chicken cutlets were prototypically crisp on the outside and juicy within. It came with a pat of honey mustard. Pretty standard, but well executed.

South Philly Cheesesteak [$11]
Roasted red peppers, creamy cheese sauce 

Now the real surprise was the South Philly cheese steak. It came on a fresh seeded roll that was soft and pliant, perfect to sop up any grease from the chopped sirloin. South Philly style involved roasted red peppers and a creamy cheese sauce. I asked for grilled onions as well, which wasn't a problem at all. Pickles and jalapenos came on the side, which offered a nice counterbalance to the heft of the cheese steak. Overall, not a bad entry into one of the better cheese steaks in Philly.

If you check the Yelp reviews, the service apparently leaves a lot to be desired. But on my particular trip, our server was exceptional. In fact, it was the travelers that were the annoyance. I saw one gentleman complain vehemently about the $7.50 charge for a domestic beer to both the manager and the server (I'm sure she has everything to do with the pricing). Seriously? You're in an airport and at a chain. If you can't comprehend the markup for alcohol in an airport terminal, move along. In any case, Chickie's & Pete's is a good bet if you're looking for a quick bite before flying to your next destination. You can also do so without have a guilty conscience because they've also settled the claims associated with tip-skimming. So get some CrabFries and even a cheese steak if you're extra hungry. You won't be disappointed.

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