Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Tot Cart Review

During Memorial Day weekend, the PHAIR open-air market was at Oval Park. Events at Oval Park often feature an impressive lineup and during that weekend, the Tot Cart was featured. Owner Julie Crist opened up shop in March 2013 and has since grown to be a mainstay in the heart of Philly foodies.

I missed out on my chance to try this Temple-based food truck during 2014's Old City Night Market (they were sold out within an hour or so). So while there was still a considerable line at PHAIR, the Tot Cart was ready for the belly of this pig.

Scanning the menu options, I had to go with the loaded tots - best of all worlds. 

Loaded Tater Tots [$6]
Tots, bacon, drunk cheese, sour cream

An abundant amount of taters were thrust into the bowl - a perfect amount for the price. The drunken cheese is naturally made with beer and a mix of cheese - heavenly. Forget cheese whiz - toss some of this on a cheesesteak and call it a day. The crispy bits of bacon added some savory saltiness, with the sour cream providing a cool, creamy element to each bite. This was so good I almost went right back in right after one bite.

Sometimes, good ideas take you back to childhood. The best ideas take something good and keep it relatively simple. Tot Cart - consider me sold. Everytime. 

The Tot Cart

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