Sunday, June 8, 2014

Surf and Turf Truck Review

During Memorial Day weekend, the PHAIR open-air market was at Oval Park. Events at Oval Park often feature an impressive lineup and during that weekend, Surf and Turf was featured. The truck is manned by Adam Browne and sister-in-law Cindy Matas.

Their land and sea-based menu often features a duality in all things food - whether it's hot and sweet or sweet and spicy, they've got it covered. 

The GF and I were definitely in the mood for lobster rolls so we went with two. She was in the mood for chilled lobster, so I naturally went down the bacon route.

Chilled Lobster Roll [$12]
Mayo, kale, cabbage 

The bun was a bit jarring at first - it was huge. But it was buttered and warm, filled with an abundant portion of chilled lobster that was thankfully tossed with just a touch of mayo. Crunchy bits of kale (studded throughout Surf and Turf's menu) providing some texture amidst the buttery crustacean. A solid rendition. 

BLT Bacon Lobster & Tom Roll [$12]
Kale, cabbage, bacon, sun-dried tomato, truffle oil

There was a bit less lobster in this roll, but it's to be expected considering the additional ingredients and the fact that it was still the same price as the chilled lobster roll. The lobster was well-cooked and the sun-dried tomato added some great punch to each bite. The savory bacon and crispy kale offered some texture. The truffle oil perfumed the sandwich a bit much, but all things considered, this was certainly a hearty roll.

Overall, the Surf and Turf truck offers good lobster rolls at an affordable price. The over-sized bun may seem like a bit of a misstep, but it certainly contains an abundance of everyone's favorite crustacean. Be sure to look out for it at Philly's festivals throughout the summer.

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