Friday, February 21, 2014

Pizzeria Vetri Review [2]

This is for a series of posts for the Vetri family of restaurants including: Pizzeria Vetri [1], Pizzeria Vetri [2], Pizzeria Vetri [3], Alla Spina, Amis, Vetri Ristorante [1], and Vetri Ristorante [2].   

Living right above Pizzeria Vetri, I can't help but stop by every 2 weeks to get a few pies. They're just that good. And who better to make the pies than James Beard award winners (and nominees, once again!). And despite Alan Richman's laughable list of the 10 best cheesesteaks in Philly, Pizzeria Vetri did make his list of top 25 new restaurants in America - so he has that going for him at least.

In any case, that was enough justification to stop by Pizzeria Vetri again when the GF's parents came to visit. We ordered 4 pies and some pizza dough to take care of some hunger pangs. How long does it take Pizzeria Vetri's high-powered Renato oven to cook four of these pizzas? Less than 10 minutes!

Renato [$12]
Mozzarella, rosemary, olive oil, sea salt

My new favorite pie at Pizzeria Vetri? Its easily the one named after their oven. Inexplicably crispy, the creamy mozzarella is perfectly accentuated by the sea salt and the rosemary. This pie is so thin it's almost like eating fried, crispy cheese. Delicious.

Quattro Formaggi [$14]
Gorgonzola, mozzarella, smoked provolone, fontina 

The four cheese offers great layers of flavor with the smokiness of the provolone coming through the creaminess of the mozzarella and fontina. And over the top is the gorgonzola, which offers a slight funk that is highlighted nicely. 

Salsiccia [$16]
Fennel sausage, roasted fennel, tomato, mozzarella

While it's clear the fennel sausage is homemade, there wasn't much of it on this pie. Surprisingly, the flavors do come through on each bite, with the fennel adding sweet, grassy notes that balance out the heft of the sausage.

Melanzana [$14]
Crushed San Marzano, eggplant, stracciatella, oregano

We also had the GF's clear favorite - the melanzana. The unctuousness of the roasted eggplant is heightened by the creamy saltiness of the stracciatella, with the crushed San Marznano adding bright, tangy notes.

Fried Dough [$4]
Citrus fennel sugar 

As a sweet note, we decided to get an order of the fried dough - easily the biggest bang for your buck. The fried dough is insanely addictive, with the citrus fennel sugar coming through. This is not a greasy dessert at all and offers a great chew. Do get this. 

Pizzeria Vetri continues to be one of my favorite pizza places in Philly. It certainly doesn't hurt that it's right underneath me. If you haven't had a chance to stop by, be sure to stop in, grab a seat at the counter, and watch your food in action!

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