Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cavanaugh's: Rittenhouse Review

The GF and I tried Cavanaugh's mac n cheese at the Rittenhouse Row Festival last year. Unfortunately, we weren't impressed - it tasted more like roux than anything else. Perhaps it was the fact that they were serving hundreds of people that day, but the execution wasn't there. So in an effort to be fair, we decided to give Cavanaugh's another shot via Seamless.

South Philly Cheese Steak [$8.99]

Before we get to the mac n cheese again, I decided to get their iteration on a cheese steak. The steak here is more like minced beef, which had decent flavor. The bits of red pepper were nice. But where was the cheese? It was virtually or literally non-existent. The roll was also a bit too much for each bite to showcase the steak. The "cheese steak" also came with fries on the side which were unfortunately not very crisp, perhaps due delivery. 

Spicy Chicken Ranch Wrap [$8.99]

The GF went with the spicy chicken ranch wrap. There were hot peppers and jalapeno (with seeds still intact) to add spiciness to the moist chicken. There were also fresh veggies within to cool off the heat. However, there was no ranch to be had here, which would have been another nice element to balance the heat.

Buffalo Wings [$3]

Any bar that serves food can be measured by their wings. While an order of 5 was only $3 for takeout, these wings were dry and hey - no blue cheese? Perhaps delivery really wasn't the way to go.

Onion Rings [$3.99]

Now the onion rings were a different story. Though slightly greasy, these had great crunch that was maintained through delivery and the batter was well-seasoned. They also seemed homemade, which was definitely appreciated. 

Mac n Cheese [$5.99]

And we're back to the mac n cheese. While this was a bit better than at the Rittenhouse Row Festival, it still needed more flavor - seasoning and a different mix of cheese perhaps? It did come with a cheesy top though ...

The GF and I have been to Cavanaugh's for some drinks with friends and had a decent time. But as for the food? Get the onion rings.

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