Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Golden Empress Garden Review

It's been awhile since the GF and I have had Americanized Chinese takeout so after a run, we decided to order in from Golden Empress Garden via Grubhub. Not to be confused with Empress Garden on 10th Street, this is the "golden" version on 5th.

Egg Roll [$1.25]

Since our order was at least $15, Empress Garden included a pair of egg rolls gratis (not just one - score!). The egg rolls were crispy and laden with shredded, braised cabbage and bits of roast pork too.

Chinese Pickled Salad [Complimentary]

With orders over $30, Golden Empress Garden tosses in a complimentary chinese pickled salad, which is essentially a non-spicy Kimchi cabbage salad. It had some vinegary tang and was a nice complement to the 'grease' of some of the other dishes.

Crab Rangoon [$3.75]

Crab rangoon at American Chinese takeout places are pretty commonplace. A somewhat thick wonton wrapper with cream cheese and artificial crab innards - this was a fairly standard iteration, yet still hit the spot. This is nothing fancy, but paired with the sweet and sour dipping sauce, it provided a satisfying bite. No shame here!

Chicken Lo Mein [$6.50]

The GF was itching for some lo mein and this was a decent interation. The noodles were lusciously coated with the salty brown sauce and the chicken chunks were juicy. Sometimes you just need the greasy, salty goodness that Chinese takeout can offer.

String Beans with Garlic Sauce [$6.95]

The string beans were unfortunately a bit over and thus, chewy. This was also drenched in sauce, with a pooling underneath all the greens.

Sesame Chicken [$9.50]

Of course, the epitome of Americanized Chinese food is General Tso's or sesame chicken. The sesame chicken's sauce was really soupy and the chicken was not crispy, which is what was advertised on the menu. Still, the chicken was incredibly succulent and the broccoli was nicely al dente.

General Tso's Chicken [$9.50]

The General Tso's was similar, but the sauce seemed even more watered down, resulting in a bit of a soggy mess.

Overall though, if you're looking for average Americanized Chinese takeout, Golden Empress Garden has got you covered. Delivery is only $1 and they get the job done for the most part. Nothing wrong with a little grease and salt in your diet every once in awhile. Right? 

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