Friday, November 8, 2013

Pete's Famous Pizza Review

On a recent takeout kind of a night, I stumbled upon Pete's Famous Pizza on GrubHub. What exactly caught my eye? The goliath grinders, which house a multitude of heart-clogging items, including mozzarella sticks, steak, chicken fingers, fries, and cheese. Essentially Primanti Brother's on steroids, the description of the grinder was highly reminiscent of the gut-busting 'Fat Beach' sandwich from the Grease Trucks by Rutgers University in NJ. Yes, my knowledge of calorie clogging meals extends to places I've never actually been to.

An added bonus? I appreciated that their takeout bags showcase 
the fact that they use delicious Amoroso's rolls.

Ultimate Goliath Grinder ($9.25)
Chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, steak, bacon, pizza cheese, pizza sauce

This grinder is indeed a behemoth-sized mess. The chicken fingers are crisply fried and juicy. The mozzarella sticks have girth, with a mess of mozzarella covering creamy french fries, 
smoky bacon, and steak. 

The pizza sauce helps to brighten up the grinder a bit, which is encased by a crusty Amoroso's roll. Still, this is clearly not a light dish. Expect to take a nap right after and definitely don't expect to be able to run a marathon right after.

Cheese Steak ($6.25)
Sharp provolone, fried onions

The cheese steak is decently seasoned and contains juicy steak, funky provolone, and a nice amount of onions. The roll serves as a perfect vehicle to house the ingredients. A decent iteration, this is at least a B+ or A- in my book. Could do with a bit more meat and cheese.

Vegetable Pizza ($12.50)
Large 14'' pizza, mushroom, onions, green peppers, broccoli, spinach, tomato, extra cheese.

On the strength of the grinder alone, I decided to give Pete's another try so I could sample their namesake 'famous' pizza. Unfortunately, this is where the praise ends. The prices were really surprisingly cheap - and it's clear why this is the case. This pizza was horrid. The veggies were sparse as was the cheese. I thought there was supposed to be extra cheese on this pizza? I'd hate to think what a regular cheese slice was like. Definitely nowhere near on par with a NYC slice. In fact, the crust made it clear that the dough was frozen. In fact, even by frozen pizza standards, this was a D-.

Angus Burger ($4.50)
American cheese, lettuce, tomato

Their burgers aren't exactly stellar pickings either. Advertised as 100% Angus, I expected more. This was ordered medium and came well-done. The patty itself was substantial for the price, but the meat had a funny taste - lighter fluid? There was also no seasoning and the patty was very dry.

Appetizer Sampler ($12.99)
Four mozzarella sticks, onion rings, three Buffalo wings, two chicken fingers, four jalapeno poppers.

They were out of jalapeno poppers, so opted to give us two additional chicken tenders instead. The tenders were nice - crisp and juicy. The mozzarella sticks were crisp and huge, housing a nice amount of salty mozzarella. The buffalo wings weren't my favorite. While they were meaty, they were very dry and had no buffalo sauce on them. No blue cheese dressing was provided either. The onion rings were paltry, with just a few broken pieces containing a subtly sweet batter. 

French Fries ($2.50)

The french fries were decent. Nicely crisp on the outside and creamy inside, they were lightly seasoned with salt.

Beer-Battered Onion Rings ($3.99)

The beer batter was subtly sweet and it's clear that a separate order is needed to get decent onion rings. The crisp rings are huge and accompanied by a mayo-ketchup mixture to dip into.

I'd order from Pete's Famous Pizza again, but definitely not for their pizza. In fact, they would do better to change their name to Pete's Famous Grinders and add a few more funky goliath-type creations to the mix.

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