Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fat Burger Review

This is for a series of posts for the Borgata Hotel & The Water Club including: Bobby Flay SteakWolfgang Puck American Grille, Wolfgang Puck American Grille [2], The CafeteriaTony Luke'sN.O.W.N.O.W. [2]MetropolitanSun RoomSun Room [2]Old Homestead Steakhouse, Old Homestead Steakhouse [2], Fat Burger28 WestGelato, the Borgata BuffetIzakayaBread and Butter, and Fornelletto.

If you're at the Borgata and itching for a late night bite after a long night at the blackjack tables, Fatburger has got you covered - pretty much one of the few 24/7 joints unless you're getting room service.

While it's relatively pricey for fast food, 2-for-1 comps work here.

Everything is cooked to order and the burgers are advertised as USDA choice, which is better than most fast food places. There were three people ahead of me on this particular night, which amounted to about a ten minute wait for me. 

Large Fatburger ($6.89)
8 oz. USDA Choice burger, American cheese, pickles, tomato, lettuce, mayo, mustard, relish 

Unfortunately on this visit, the bun wasn't that great. A bit stale and certainly not pliant, it almost tasted separate from the burger - definitely not well integrated. Still, the half-pound patty was decently cooked thanks to the flat top, with the sweetness from the relish and the ripe tomato adding some freshness to each bite. Still, it always feels wrong to charge extra for standard cheese. Oh well.

Fat Fries ($2.89)
You have the option of getting fat or skinny fries at Fat Burger. I've previously had the skinny fries which were nicely crisp. The fat fries are essentially steak fries. While creamy, there is no crunch or texture with these. They're also not seasoned at all.
Onion Rings ($3.89)

The onion rings are actually pretty decent. They offered good crunch and there was some bite to the onions. Supposedly handmade, they certainly tasted fresh.

Unfortunately, this Fat Burger visit highlighted some inconsistencies at this location. And consistency is supposed to be the hallmark of a decent fast food joint. Perhaps some quality control is in order? 

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