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Route 6 Review [2] *NOW CLOSED*

This is for a series of posts for Stephen Starr restaurants including:
Alma de Cuba, Barclay Prime, Butcher and Singer, Continental Midtown & Martini Bar, The Dandelion, El Rey, El Vez, Jones, Parc, Pizzeria Stella, Route 6 [1], Route 6 [2], & Square Burger.

With the demise of Stephen Starr's Route 6 a few months back, I had to take a trip down memory lane. The GF and I previously went to Route 6's Lobster Month, when those delicious crustaceans were half off. So when the GF's folks came in to town, we knew we had to take them back to Route 6. Despite it being November, the deal was still going on to a certain extent. "Almost" half-off lobsters were de rigeur for the month! 

As you can see, prices weren't exactly half, but close enough. In fact in my eyes, a $64 three-pounder for only $35 was practically a steal.

Oyster Crackers

This time around, we did get the a mason jar filled with crunchy oyster crackers and a pat of horseradish with great kick.

Sangria Special

The GF had a fall sangria special with apple cider and maple blending together harmoniously. In fact, she had two - consider it the pregame for the Justin Timberlake concert at Wells Fargo later that night.

Crispy Fried Little Lobster Tails [$22] [$16]

Of course, we had to get two orders of the crispy fried lobster tails. The GF's folks enjoyed these just as much as we did - succulent crab with great seasoned breading. And we can't forget about the green tabasco aioli - I could drink a bucket of that.

Steamed 3 lb. Lobster [$64] [$35]

The GF's mom went with the steamed lobster, which I helped dismantle. The steamed iteration of the 3 pounder was moist and had the clean, sweet flavors of the crustacean on full display. Beware though. For those not in the know - when you get to the "tail" portion, some tomalley (essentially the liver) may spill out. I consider it the foie of the lobster, but the GF's mom was a bit perturbed.

Wood-Grilled 3 lb. Lobster [$64] [$35]

The GF's dad and I both went for the wood-grilled iteration. The cherry wood imparted some fruit notes and the grilling helped to add smokiness to the lobster meat. No tomalley here for obvious reasons. Just good old lobster meat ready to be dunked in the drawn butter. We were both ready for our 2nd three pounder after we were done.

Lobster Roll [$24] [$16]

The GF went with the lobster roll again - a nicely buttered roll with great chunks of lobster meat throughout. The fries were especially crispy and arrived in a cute little pail.

Fries [$5]

We opted for several sides. For $5, you get a huge basket of fries - nicely salty and crispy. Definitely a great choice. 
Coleslaw [$5]

The coleslaw was a favorite as well. The slaw had bite to it and wasn't overdone in mayo, but was nicely creamy.

Same as before, I don't know if I would be willing to pay top dollar prices for lobster when it's not lobster month. At first I thought it was the amount of lobster you pry out of the shell (not exactly 3 pounds worth), but really I'll pay top dollar for real deal Kobe or even wagyu despite the price per ounce. Rather, it's the fact that lobster is so abundant and gets marked up so easily. With lobster rolls aplenty - and at reasonable prices at Luke's Lobster - I can't imagine paying $60+ for a lobster on a normal night. Apparently the rest of Philly agreed. But knowing Stephen Starr, I know something special will come up in its place. 

Route 6
600 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
(215) 391-4600  

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