Sunday, September 22, 2013

Swiss Haus Bakery: Cro-creme / Cronut Review

Unless you've been hiding under a cronut, you've likely heard about the cro-creme craze in Philadelphia. Based off of Chef Dominique Ansel of the famed eponymous bakery in NYC, we're talking about donuts on steroids. Whether it's a cronut or a cro-creme, these things are delicious - essentially a "fried," but perhaps "not really" fried half-donut and half-croissant with a molten surprise inside to boot. In an effort to protect his trademark, Chef Ansel has been hard at work correcting those not in the know (cough, Victoria Beckham).

Regardless, I'm all about competition breeding better products and increased enjoyment for the masses - so here's to Swiss Haus for developing their own version! Which, of course (wink, wink), is definitely not the same as a cronut. And knowing that Swiss Haus bakes amazing cakes, I was excited to finally dig into some cro-cremes with my fellow co-workers. (Especially since the first time around, I stopped by too early. Apparently they are not available until after 10AM).

Cro-Creme ($5)

The smell of the cinnamon dust permeates the air as you gaze upon the cro-creme's crispy outer shell. The richness of the croissant was definitely evident here, with the innards providing the soft texture of a donut.

Filled with a vanilla pastry creme, the cro-creme's frosting on top takes it over the ... top. For some, this may be too heavy. And sure, we're probably talking about a 500+ calorie dessert here, but there's nothing wrong with living a little, right?

Heck, in NYC, Shake Shack is partnering up to make cronut-hole concretes that are "better than sex." Hopefully the Philly outpost will partner with Swiss Haus to make a cro-creme concrete sometime soon!

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