Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Timbers Review

This is the seventeenth in a series of posts for Michigan 2013.
As a fan of steaks and prime, rib, we decided to stop by The Timbers on the way back down 
from being Up North.

They've got a nice wood bar where you can pull up a stool and grab a drink. The interior is emblematic of a woodsy log cabin - certainly appropriate for a restaurant called The Timbers.

Bread Service

The bread was homemade and had just been baked. Nicely airy and yeasty, but a bit dry.

House Salad ($2.49 with entree)

The GF had a salad with her entree and it had a nice array of ingredients. It came with homemade croutons and a sweet berry vinaigrette.

Bistro Pasta ($12.99)
Penne, alfredo, cheddar, parmesan, topped with bread crumbs

The GF's main was essentially an alfredo mac n cheese. The top of the pasta achieved a nice crispy texture. The innards were incredibly creamy, with a nice array of juicy grilled chicken on top. This was mac n cheese on steroids and could have easily fed four.

Prime Rib ($21.99 Paul Bunyan Cut / $19.99 Timber Cut)

I went with the Paul Bunyan cut of the prime rib, which was at least an inch thick. Unfortunately, the prime rib missed the mark for me. The beef was unfortunately much too chewy, indicative of being roasted for not much time at all. The au jus was definitely needed. The fries were crispy and creamy though and I was able to finish most of the GF's pasta.  

Overall, The Timbers missed the mark for me. If the cuts of beef were better executed, I'm sure this would be a great place to get a nice steak or prime rib. I'll give them this though - the portions are certainly over the top, especially considering the pricing.

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