Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Muskrat Lake Cafe Review * NOW CLOSED *

This is the sixteenth in a series of posts for Michigan 2013.

Murdick's Fudge, Joann's Fudge, Sander's Candy, the Coffee Cup, Tasty Treat, and Food Factory & Pub. 

If there's a place that surprised me the most in Lake City, MI, it was definitely Muskrat Lake Cafe. Despite the unfortunate name and logo, I would say that this is definitely the place 
to grab a bite to eat.

They only serve breakfast and lunch, but they get both right. In fact, fairly recently, I believe management changed and an actual chef was brought in to retool the menu.

Clearly the cinnamon buns are no joke here - they're large and in charge. They've also got a wide variety of homemade bread including foccacia, rye, rye swirl, and the like. They also serve great coffee and smoothies.

Spanish Omelet ($5.95) 
Chorizo, onion, pepper, monterey jack, mango salsa, sour cream 

I went with the Spanish omelet, which came with the option of being in a tortilla wrap. And that's what I went with - it housed the creamy eggs, smoky chorizo, peppers, and onions perfectly. The monterey jack cheese helped to bind everything together. The mango salsa brought some nice brightness to the dish. There was an option for home fries or hashed browns, of which I went with the latter. They were nicely crisped and shredded.

Strawberry Salad with Chicken ($8.75)Romaine, field greens, chicken, strawberry vinaigrette, blue cheese, strawberries, almonds, carrot, tomato, cucumber

The GF went with the in-season strawberry salad. The juicy well-seasoned chicken was abundant atop a salad you would fit in any brunch or lunch menu in Philly. The GF went with the sour dough for her bread choice. I seriously would come back here for the bread alone. Yeasty, airy, and rustic - the bread was amazing.

When I come back to Lake City, I know that I'll have to come back to the Muskrat Lake Cafe to get some more bread and try some of their other dishes. The only low point of my meal was when the waitress forgot my side order of bacon. Maybe next time!

Muskrat Lake Cafe
106 S. Main Street
Lake City, MI 49651
(231) 839-7704

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