Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Review

While stopping by my folks' workplace on Bell Blvd. in Bayside, NY, I got some takeout from a variety of places for lunch. My mom was in the mood for a little Mexican cuisine so we ordered a lunch special from Cinco de Mayo

Chimichanga Lunch Special ($6.95)
Golden crispy flour tortilla, chicken

The chimichanga was well fried, crisp, and not greasy. The pulled chicken was moist. 
Nothing special here, but nothing more was really expected.

All lunch specials come with well-seasoned rice, creamy black beans, a pittance of guacamole, 
lettuce, and sour cream.

As an added bonus, they usually provide freshly fried tortilla chips with a mildly spicy salsa on the side. Nothing fancy, but appreciated considering the affordable price point.

Cinco de Mayo is the epitome of casual Mexican cuisine, which is to say that they provide affordable Mexican food with a variety of options that lean towards burritos and tacos. Don't expect Rosa Mexicano or Dos Caminos in NYC or El Vez in Philly and you'll be fine. But don't worry - 
you won't be paying those respective price points either.

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