Monday, July 29, 2013

Lumber Jack Review

This is the first in a series of posts for Michigan 2013.
A few months back, the GF and I returned to Michigan to visit her family and simply enjoy the end of spring by the lake. A big part of our trip involved going to Mackinac Island, which is one of the premier spots to vacation in Michigan. 

So on the way to Mackinac Island, we stopped for breakfast at Lumber Jack, which is attached to a Quality Inn chain. So while the latter means that if you actually stay at the motel, you'll smell the 80's cigarette smoke in the dry wall, Lumber Jack itself gets it done in terms of the food. It's homemade, plentiful, and most importantly, tasty.

When you enter Lumber Jack, you immediately notice the life-size bear that's stuffed to your left.

Of course, you've got the requisite shop that sells all sorts of knick knacks. 

Lumber Jack offers two seating areas, including one that is by a bar. 

The other is more expansive and open - completely decorated in the 'Lumberjack' theme.

They have a variety of standard options for breakfast at affordable prices.

Drinks are served in cute mason jars - always a plus in the GF's book.

The Lumberjack ($7.99)
3 eggs any style, 2 strips of bacon, 2 sausage links, toast, hashed browns

Of course, I went with the eponymous item on the menu. The Lumberjack was a typical hodgepodge of everything from the kitchen. Lumber Jack offers a great variety of bread on offer - marble rye, wheat, white, amongst others. Thick-cut, these slices of toast were clearly homemade and well-buttered.

The home fries were a shredded potato style and were not well seasoned. But that was fine because there was plenty of S/P at the table. The meaty sausages were plump and juicy. The bacon was thick, meaty, and smoky. The eggs were over easy, allowing the yolk to run all over the plate - perfect. The orange slice may not have been the most elegant way to round out the plate, but it was a bright bite to end my meal.

Western Omelet ($6.99)
Ham, peppers, onions, American cheese, toast, hashed browns

The GF went with the western omelet which had a fresh assortment of ham, peppers, and onions interspersed with gooey American cheese. The innards were fresh and had bite to it, with the cheese creating a perfectly creamy blanket. 

The Lumber Jack offers a great option for breakfast at affordable prices. You won't leave hungry and your wallet won't be too light. I could easily see myself coming here regularly for breakfast on the weekends.

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