Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hatville Deli Review

This is for a series of posts for Reading Terminal Market including: The Rib Stand, Hatville Deli, By George! Pizza, Pasta & Cheesesteaks, Olympic Gyro, Iovine Brothers Produce, DiNic's Pork and Beef, Meltkraft, and Wursthaus Schmitz.    

Other than Iovine Brothers Produce, there is no place in Reading Terminal Market I go to on more of a consistent basis than Hatville Deli. Sourced from Lancaster, the quality meats produced by the Esh family are affordable and convenient.

Just take a gander at those delicious slabs of bacon - hickory smoked, pepper, or maple glazed. And of course, it wouldn't be Pennsylvania without some country pork scrapple!

Or you might opt for their bevy of freshly sliced ham, turkey, and chicken.

But that's not all! You've got homemade cheeses, which includes a slew of cheddar (try their maple bacon cheddar!) and mozzarella, among others.

They've even got a gamut of unique and creative cream cheeses!

On a recent trip, I picked up half a pound of country ham ...

Some of the aforementioned maple bacon cheddar ...

A little horseradish cheddar ...

And a half pound of that nicely marbled hickory smoked bacon ...

Also - it never hurts when a shop takes Level Up, while offering a $1 credit. And if you use this link - you'll get an additional $5 off! Be sure to check out Hatville Deli if you're looking for an affordable deli that offers quality meat and cheese.

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