Monday, April 8, 2013

Lacroix Easter Brunch Review

The Lenten season is over. Spring is finally here. Easter has come and gone. 
And with that, I bring you - Easter brunch at Lacroix
the bastion of French cuisine housed in the luxurious Rittenhouse Hotel.

Lacroix was founded by the eponymous Jean-Marie Lacroix, who holds a revered spot amongst Philly's culinary elite. Now retired, executive chef duties were previously held by Matt Levin, who then went to the now defunct Adsum and after that, Square Peg. Ultimately though, Square Peg and Chef Levin parted ways. In any case, Chef Jon Cichon currently holds the executive chef title and as you'll see - the Chef and his staff do a marvelous job of creating a tasting of extraordinary bites and flavors.

Easter Brunch ($95 pp)

Since I'm sure you're all here for the foodporn pics and not the banter, 
I'll limit the rest of this entry to pictures and just a few words. 

Build Your Own Bloody Mary ($11)


The aforementioned bar to build your bloody mary's! 

Caviar Service

From top left clockwise, paddlefish caviar, wasabi tobiko, salmon roe, and white fish roe. 

Jumbo Shrimp and Sushi

Spicy tuna, vegetable, and eel sushi. Oysters were available as well.

  Bread Service

After the gauntlet of amuse-ish bites, it's on to the gauntlet worthy of entree status. 

Truffled Sausage Stuffed Pork Loin,  Pastrami Spiced Veal, Sesame Crusted Lamb Rack

 Diver Scallop Sausage, BBQ Spice Glazed Scottish Salmon

Sauteed Wild Mushrooms
Herb Nage


 Crispy Potatoes


 Cured Meats

Waffle Station

Chocolate Fountain


Pork Pate Slider
Pomegranate-Shallot Jam

 Savory and sweet. I couldn't stop with one. So I had three.

Grilled Octopus
Heart of palm, Passionfruit

Sausage Beignet

Red Beet
Quinoa, truffle

Fried Chickpea Gougere

Butternut Squash

 Lamb Croissant

Blue Crab Salad


Paddlefish Caviar

Smoked Fish


Jumbo Shrimp

Eel Sushi

Garlic Skewer


Soba Noodles

German Parsnip Salad
Grilled onion, mustard seed, dill

Asparagus Shooter

Almond Crusted Runny Egg

 This was a treat - while perfectly crusted - it was a bit bland at first. 

 But once you got some of the yolk, it was bland no more.

Duck Prosciutto 




BBQ Spiced Scottish Salmon

Diver Scallop Sausage

Foie Gras and Cheese

I prefer my foie pure - the cheese was over the top for something that was already hefty. 


 Truffled Sausage Stuffed Pork Loin

Pastrami Spiced Veal

Tender, peppery, reminiscent of ... you guessed it - pastrami! 

Sesame Crusted Lamb Rack

Perfectly prepared, this was tender, juicy, and well crusted.

Duck Confit

 Unadulterated duck - pure decadence with a crispy skin. Excuse the perfectly cooked applewood smoked bacon below it.

Crispy Potatoes
Fleur de sel

Had to come back for seconds - these were perfect 'home' fries.

Cheese Plate

 And with this, dessert begins!


Thai Thea Macaron
Condensed Milk

Lime-Strawberry Shooter

 The lime 'rind' is actually white chocolate! 

Creme Brulee

'Milk and Cookies'

Liquid Nitrogen Station

Liquid Nitrogen Milk Chocolate 
Caramel Innards

And with that, Easter Brunch est fini. 

The Easter Brunch at Lacroix is certainly a memorable experience. Typically with a buffet, the choices are laden with mediocre bites. Here, the bites are elevated and unique flavors are highlighted. The dishes aren't all complex and with good reason. When you have quality ingredients, there's no reason to muddy the waters. Lacroix lets them shine.

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