Thursday, April 11, 2013

Delicias Food Truck Review

If you're looking for food truck eats, but are craving something other than hoagies, cheesesteaks, burgers, and cupcakes, be sure to check out Delicias Food Truck. Owned by Lynette Gueits, Delicias serves up delicious Latin food, namely arepas, which are flat, round unleavened patties of maize or flour filled with all sorts of goodies. Think of it as a Latin sandwich.

A gorgeously decorated food truck, the smells that emanate from Delicias are simply arresting. In fact, after I purchased my goodies, I almost couldn't wait to take it back home. But then the equally arresting smells of another nature from Love Park prevented me from lingering (hint: they weren't the Delicias kind).

I was hoping for some of Delicias' empanadas, but on this particular day, it was simply arepas or a rice platter. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Delicas' arepas are made of maize (corn), and maintain a crispy outer texture with the grit of corn, but a contrasting chewy interior.

Pelua ($6) 
Stewed shredded beef, cotija cheese 

You really can't go wrong with juicy, tender pork and cheese. This was quite coma-inducing for something that looked small! The slightly salty cotija complemented the savory pork really well. This will keep you satiated for sure! But of course, I couldn't stop there ...
Chorizo y Pico ($6)
Sliced spicy pork sausage, homemade pico de gallo

As soon as I saw a chorizo option, I knew I had to check it out. Be prepared, this may result in a small pool of chorizo grease. The sausage itself is juicy with a subtle heat on the finish. There are plenty of chorizo slices, with the fresh pico de gallo brightening up the arepa really well.

An added bonus? Delicias takes Level Up! Sign up with this link and you'll get a $5 credit on top of the $2 credit you get for your first time at Delicias! Love Park offers a great array of food trucks during the weekday lunch hour, and Delicias is a good one to have on your roster. Offering unique flavors that are filling and well priced, there are no complaints from the belly of this pig.

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