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Bobby Flay Steak Review

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Housed at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is Bobby Flay Steak, the eponymous steakhouse for one of the first U.S. Iron Chefs. The GF and I come to the Borgata often and have previously dined here. Unfortunately, that experience wasn't very good - some of the dishes were drenched in sauce and the quality of the dishes weren't up to the standards of dishes I've tried at Mesa Grill in both 
Vegas and NY. The service was extremely lackluster as well.

Regardless, for the purposes of the blog, we were looking forward to giving Bobby Flay Steak another chance. And I'm happy to say that this time around, the dishes were simply delicious and the service was impeccable.

You can't deny the fact that the design of the restaurant certainly adds a little Vegas pizzazz to Atlantic City. The Borgata has that in spades compared to the other casinos in the area.

We were seated in a nice corner booth in the back alcove section of the restaurant. Somewhat secluded and overlooking the restaurant, this is one of the better spots to dine.

Prosecco ($10) 
Le Colture Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Brut D.O.C. Fagher NV

The GF started off with a bit of prosecco. Fruity on the nose and certainly a sparkling way to start.

Grapefruit Mojito ($12)
Finlandia grapefruit vodka, fresh grapefruit, mint, agave syrup

Regular readers know I love a good mojito and this was a great one. Surprisingly subtly sweet (how's that for alliteration!), the chunks of pink grapefruit imparted a nice tartness to the drink.

Dinner commenced with a basket of warm cheddar rolls. Spreading some of the creamy whipped butter made these delicious rolls over the top. But we had to save room for the meal itself!

Lobster & Crispy Squid Salad ($19)
Sweet peppers, vinegar, chiles 

I had initially thought only the calamari would be fried, based on the name of the dish. But then I tasted it and remembered you really can't go wrong with anything fried. These were lightly fried with a delicious batter. The lobster wasn't overcooked and the calamari were toothsome, but not rubbery. The sweet roasted peppers and the sweet and sour sauce offered a bright element to what could have been an otherwise overly heavy dish. A nice start to the meal.

Lobster Crab Cake ($18)
Green onion vinaigrette, lemon-habenero tartar sauce 

As you can see, the Iron Chef loves playing with green and red - perhaps a nod to one of his favorite ingredients, the chile. In any case, this was actually one of our favorites from our previous dining experience so obviously, we had to re-order it. A hearty lobster crab cake with minimal filler, the accompanying sauce really brought out the flavors in the dish. The heat of the habanero was muted by the sweet tang of the lemon. 

Note: Both apps were comped by the manager due to our previous experience, which was unexpected, unnecessary, but much appreciated. 

Grilled Chicken ($29)
Bacon-mustard vinaigrette 

The GF ordered the chicken for her main (yes, at a steakhouse) and enjoyed it! The crispy bits complemented the juicy, moist chicken. The mustard vinaigrette really brightened up the dish. And you can never go wrong with extra nuggets of bacon.

Bone-in Ribeye ($49)

Check out that grilled rib-eye! Unfortunately, the steaks at Bobby Flay Steak are Choice, unless you're going for the Australian Wagyu. This is certainly surprising considering the price point. But anytime you're in a casino, the price points are usually higher than normal. And regardless, this steak was perfectly cooked and decently marbled.

This had a nice crust and unlike the Spicy Southwest ribeye I previously tried, it wasn't overpowered by spice. The accompanying sweet pepper contained caramelized onions and helped to bring another element to the dish. But what brought this all over the top? The Iron Chef's special sauce! I'm normally not a big steak sauce guy, but wow was that good! The horseradish on the finish really makes it. In fact, I think the waitstaff may have caught me dipping my fork into the ramekin numerous times. No shame in this pig's game.

Roasted Asparagus ($10)
Green peppercorn vinaigrette 

The asparagus had snap to it and maintained its innate texture. The mustard vinaigrette was a bright addition to this side, which was a necessary green that nicely contrasted with the heaviness of the mains.

Creamy Green Chili Rice ($10)

But let's get back to savory and rich. This rice was nicely al dente, but the overall dish had a nice creaminess. The green chilies added a tempered heat to the dish. The scallions were fresh and added bite. Highly recommended.

Bobby Flay Steak offered a complete turn around this time ... around. It will certainly remain on the roster whenever we stay at the Borgata. And it all starts with the service. During the course of the meal, multiple managers stopped by to check in on us and our waiter, Nelson, was simply amazing and incredibly knowledgeable about the menu - to the minutia of each dish and ingredient. Additionally, comping our apps was much appreciated. 

And while being able to dine at Bobby Flay Steak gratis with my own playing comps is great, I don't know if I would normally pay USDA Prime prices for choice steak. Regardless, all the dishes were well executed by Executive Chef Michael Charlianza and his staff - it's clear why Iron Chef Bobby Flay is often lauded for his mastery of spice and creativity.

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FTC Disclaimer: A portion of the meal was provided gratis. Regardless, all opinions are unbiased and mine alone.

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