Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beck's Cajun Cafe Review

In the mood for something with a spicy kick? A little southern twang? Who's your crawdaddy? Look no further than Beck's Cajun Cafe, housed at Reading Terminal Market
It's smack dab in the middle of the market.

They've got a variety of menu items - the oft proclaimed Muffaletta, po' boys, étouffée, gumbo - the list goes on and on.

Curious as to what exactly I'm talking about?

Beck's personable servers will help you out there! They will give you samples of their grub - as evidenced by the receptacle below.

Make sure to try the gumbo and jambalaya while you order and wait - both dishes will impart you a spicy kick to the back your throat. In fact - got a cold? Go get yourself some Beck's gumbo!  

Fried Mac and Cheese ($3.95)

The GF and I started off with two ginormous-sized balls (that's what she said). Crisply fried with lightly seasoned panko and a creamy mac n cheese within - this was great. It came accompanied with a sweet tomato dipping sauce with roasted chunks of tomato. Hard to get the huge chunks of fried mac and cheese in there though!

1/4 Muffaletta ($5.95)

A muffaletta is both a round Sicilian sesame bread and the popular sub from New Orleans (uses the Sicilian bread of course!). Cut into quarter slices, these things are immense. Stuffed with salami, ham, and mortadella, you've got a meaty bite to look forward to. Be prepared though - the olive salad within is expectedly salty. The sharp nutty, funky provolone tries to assuage the saltiness, but just barely fails. The bread is the perfect vehicle to house everything though.  

Blackened Chicken Po Boy Wrap ($7.25)

The GF opted for the po boy in wrap form. The chicken was nicely seasoned and the mayo had a nice spicky kick. The pickles helped to elevate the wrap with a vinegary tang and crunch.

Train Wreck Po Boy ($7.95)

But the real reason I came to Beck's? To get a bite of their Train Wreck, a cheese steak on crack. Andouille sausage, steak, salami, cheese, and fried onions are all stuffed into this monstrosity. This iteration of a Philly cheese steak actually integrates the cheese really well (apparently hard to do for most Philly institutions). It's got a nice spicy kick on the tip of your tongue, rather than on the back of your throat. It's coma-inducing (in a good way!) and a definite re-order (not just a must order)! That's right - you may as well order two. The one fault? The bread is quite airy so might benefit from being toasted or grilled on the outside.

Overall, Beck's is a sure-fire bet for good, spicy food that will leave you filled and asking for more. I love Tommy Dinic's but if you're looking for something outside of the box with some kick - check out Beck's Cajun Cafe.

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