Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wursthaus Schmitz Review

This is for a series of posts for Reading Terminal Market including: The Rib Stand, Hatville Deli, By George! Pizza, Pasta & Cheesesteaks, Olympic Gyro, Iovine Brothers Produce, DiNic's Pork and Beef, Meltkraft, and Wursthaus Schmitz.    

When I heard that Brahaus Schmitz, that bastion of German comfort fare on South Street, was opening up an outpost in Reading Terminal Market, I was excited! So I moseyed on over to the back center of RTM, and drooled at the offerings at Wursthaus Schmitz.

In addition to sandwiches, various meats and sides were offered for sale by weight.

On a Saturday at 1PM, there was not much of a line - I don't know if people are simply still clueless, but I'm sure that soon enough, there will be a line similar to Dinic's!

They've got someone manning the grill, churning out delicious sausages with snap and spice.

And in case you need condiments, they've got plenty, 
including curry ketchup and Bavarian sweet mustard!

For my first visit, I ordered two rolls, and attempted to order potato pancakes, but unfortunately, the fryer was down so I couldn't get my buds to taste this particular side. But that's OK, because as you can see, the sausage rolls are immense!

The Bavarian ($8)
Smoked bauernwurst, bavarian cole slaw, horseradish sauce, fried onions 

The Bavarian had copious amounts of crunchy fried onions that were not the least bit greasy. They offered some great texture to the bauernwurst, which had really nice spice. The sausage itself had nice snap and the horseradish provided a nice pungent kick in my mouth. The creamy cole slaw brought everything together, while the roll stood up well to the entirety of this particular sandwich.

The Hungarian ($8)
Smoked Hungarian bratwurst, beef goulash, roasted hot Hungarian peppers

The Hungarian had a beef goulash topping it - deep and savory, which is a smoky spiciness that lingered. In fact, I could have easily eaten a sandwich from the goulash alone.  The bratwurst itself was saltier than the bauernwurst, but just as flavorful. This was a heavier sandwich with a deep spice that lingers, underscored by the vinegary hot pepper.

An added bonus is that Wursthaus Schmitz offer payment through Level Up - a great way to accumulate free credit to be applied to current and future meals.

In fact, currently Level Up offers a $3 credit for new customers! Sign up through this link, and you'll get an additional $5 credit to use! 

Overall, Wursthaus definitely gets the job done by offering delicious, snappy sausages paired with the perfect accoutrements to blend into phenomenal sandwiches. I'm hoping to try the potato pancakes and the Schmitz, which I believe Wursthaus is waiting on the perfect pretzel roll before offering. In the meantime, there are a slew of other offerings you should try!

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