Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Del Rossi's Cheesesteak Co. Review

The GF and I didn't feel like cooking one night so we checked out GrubHub and settled on Del Rossi's Cheesesteak Co, in an attempt to find Philly's best Philly cheese steak.

Cheese Steak ($6.65)
American Cheese, 'wit onions

While this was certainly one of the cheaper cheese steaks I've had, the rib-eye meat was chewy and grainy. Ordering online, provolone wasn't a standard option so I had to settle for American. The cheese was nicely interspersed and the onions were plentiful. But really, it all starts with the meat, which was pretty lackluster. Certainly not the best Philly cheese steak I've had.

Eggplant Parmigiana ($6.25)

I love a good eggplant parm sub, but this was soggy and bland. The highlight of the sandwich? The nicely seeded roll. 

Chicken Cutlet Romano ($6.75)
Broccoli rabe, provolone

This was the best of the trio. The chicken cutlet was nicely seasoned and not heavily breaded. The broccoli rabe was nicely bitter, serving as a counterpoint to the funky provolone. Still, the greens could have benefited from more garlic. 

Chili Cheese Fries ($3.95)

We had asked for the chili and the sauce to be on the side for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, they apparently weren't able to accommodate us. The result? Extremely soggy fries. 
The sweet chili was imbued with a lot of brown sugar and cinnamon and unfortunately, there wasn't much cheese. Pretty lackluster.

Onion Rings ($2.95)

The onion rings were actually decent - while the onion within wasn't very substantial, the breading was extremely crunchy. 

Overall, the one thing Del Rossi's has going for it is its price point - the portions are decent and the prices are low. However, I think I'll save my money for Campo's the next time I'm in the mood for specialty sandwiches and subs! 

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