Saturday, March 23, 2013

Iovine Brothers Produce Review

This is for a series of posts for Reading Terminal Market including: The Rib Stand, Hatville Deli, By George! Pizza, Pasta & Cheesesteaks, Olympic Gyro, Iovine Brothers Produce, DiNic's Pork and Beef, Meltkraft, and Wursthaus Schmitz.    

If you're looking for fresh produce at a great price - make sure you check out the one-stop shop at Iovine Brother's Produce. Just head to the southeastern most corner of Reading Terminal Market and you're there! And added bonus for any of you students? 10% off on Wednesdays and Sundays!

Need ripe avocados? Oranges? Apples? Aubergine? Rutabaga? Parsnips? Swiss Chard? The list figuratively goes on and on ...

If you've ever need a specific type of onion or potato - it's a pretty good bet they've got it!

Heck, you could even say they're nuts for nuts!

And they even offer the convenience of shopping with Level Up! Sign up with this link and you'll get $5 to spend immediately. So if you live near Reading Terminal Market, there really is no reason you shouldn't shop for your produce at Iovine Brother's.

Iovine Brother's Produce
1136 Arch St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 928-4366

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