Thursday, March 21, 2013

Urbani Truffle Oil & Fungus Among Us Salt Product Review

Truffles emanate an earthy umami that brings most foodies to their knees. But unless you're at a restaurant and paying the supplement to elevate your dish and spoil yourself, it's hard to get that earthy richness in your pastas and soups at home.

That is ... unless you're Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho and willing to spend several hundred thousands dollars on truffles. 

So, most of us normal people typically resort to truffle oil as an add on for soups and pastas. There are the synthetic oils and olive oils with tiny bits of truffles. Celebrity chefs and extreme foodies may sniff at this. Regardless, Urbani gets it right with their white truffle oil. Just a few dabs and the entirety of your dish will emanate white truffle.

And if you're simply looking for a bit of flavor sprinkled on top - be sure to try a bit of Fungus Amongus' truffle salt! For the price, it can't be beat. This truffle salt contains naturally dried sea salt form the Mediterranean and is combined with finely ground truffles. Its ability to retain the aroma and more importantly, the flavor of truffles is what caused Food and Wine Magazine to call this salt the "most coveted new ingredient."

Both products are a great addition to hearty soups, mac n cheese, pastas, and heck - I even add it to my own version of Philly cheese steak. Who needs the $100 truffle cheese steak at Barclay Prime when you can make truffle cheese steak at home (granted I'm missing the foie and the champagne here)? Just a few dribbles of the truffle oil or a few sprinkles of truffle salt and you're closing your eyes while enjoying the rich umami of truffles.

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