Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shank's Original Review

Those who read the blog regularly know that I can't get enough of DiningIn. Sure, GrubHub and Seamless are great too - but what sets DiningIn apart from others is the variety of high quality options and great customer service.

This time around, I felt like resuming my search for a decent Philly cheese steak. For those of you who aren't regular readers - that's ok. Just know that the best Philly cheese steak ironically resides in Chicago, at a place called Philly's Best. In any case, I decided to give Shank's a try.

Cheese Steak ($8.25)
Provolone, 'wit onions

This was a decent iteration of the cheese steak, but the meat was frankly a bit dry. The provolone could have been more plentiful and better interspersed. I'll give Shank's this though - there was a lot of chopped steak and the onions were nicely sized rather than being indiscernably chopped.

Chicken Cutlet Tropea ($8.45)
Chicken cutlet, sharp provolone, marinated roasted peppers

The GF felt like chicken cutlets and she got some juicy ones (that's what he said?)! The sharp provolone provided a nice nutty contrast to the sweet roasted peppers. However, the bread was the disappointing element in this sandwich - pretty flimsy if you ask me.

Eggplant Parmigiana Sub ($6.95)

I love a good eggplant parm sub, but this version was limp. The eggplant was soggy and 'helped' to make the bread drenched in what I assume is residual oil. There was some seasoning, but the sub could not be saved.

Crispy French Fries ($2.95)

Granted $3 is not much for fries. But I expected a bit more than 15-20 thin fries. These were barely seasoned, nor were they hot or crisp (as advertised).

Overall, Shank's does a decent version of a Philly cheese steak. But for the most part, their other items leave something to be desired. I'd be willing to give them another chance, but in a town with Campo's, Dinic's and their delicious specialty sandwiches - I'm not so sure that will be anytime soon. Don't let that deter you from checking out DiningIn though! 

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