Thursday, February 21, 2013

McCann's Instant Irish Oatmeal Review

It's a work day. You'd rather hit the snooze a few more times than wake up and 
make a proper breakfast. But that's OK! You get to work and 
you know there's something waiting for you at your desk.

McCann's is well known for being a leader in steel cut oatmeal. The texture is clearly superior over the rolled oats variety (i.e. Quaker). Whole grain oats - these are high quality and pack enough fiber to get the job done! But who has time to cook down oatmeal. 

Having tried both the regular oatmeal that needs to be cooked down and the Instant variety, I can easily say they are quite similar. But the McCann's Instant Oatmeal has the added bonus of taking literally seconds to prepare. Be sure to pick up a variety pack - and if you purchase it on Amazon - you get quite a discount for six 10-pack boxes!

The variety pack offers maple and brown sugar - a bit too sweet for my taste, but tastes very homey and it's sure to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

The GF's favorite is the apples and cinnamon - it tastes exactly like an apple pie!

But my favorite? Regular - slightly salted, but true to the taste of the steel cut oats.

If you've ever had Quaker oatmeal, you know that instant oatmeal can become soggy the minute the hot water hits the bowl. Not so with McCann's Instant Oatmeal! It literally takes seconds - once the hot water hits, the oatmeal retains its beautiful texture and is simply delicious. 
Not a bad way to start the work day!

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