Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bridget Foy's Review

If you haven't tried Dining In yet - you're missing out. While Seamless and GrubHub do offer free delivery for most of their restaurants, Dining In offers better choices. Unlike the aforementioned online delivery services, Dining In is a service that picks up takeout from restaurants and brings it to you. A third-party provider if you will.

On a recent night, the GF and I saw a deal for free delivery from Bridget Foy's on South Street. So we decided to check it out - minus the crazy crowds and drunken demeanor that's prevalent down there (not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that!).

Head House Market Burger ($13)
Herb mayo, swiss, mushrooms, fried egg

The burger arrived a bit of a mess, but what do you expect when you're talking about a fried egg and delivery. It's not yet on par with Smokin' Betty's Betty Burger, which is my favorite burger in Philly (probably due to the addition of avocados and pork belly on top of the fried egg). Still, this was a monster of a burger and luckily, I was able to reconstruct it.

The burger was cooked a bit more than the requested medium, so perhaps I should have asked for medium-rare and it would have arrived medium. While the patty itself could have been seasoned a bit more, the cheese, mushrooms, and fried egg helped to make it luxurious and coma-inducing (a good thing here). The accompanying fries were delicious and well-seasoned, though slightly limp.

Turkey Burger ($12)
Cranberry relish, basil mayo, gruyere, alfalfa sprouts

The GF opted for the turkey burger and you could smell the health coming off the burger as soon as I opened the box. The alfalfa sprouts were a nice dose of freshness. More importantly, the turkey burger was moist. The cranberry relish was the tangy foil to the heft of the basil mayo and gruyere, the dash of necessary naughty to the nice - in my opinion anyway.

Short Rib Fries ($9)

Of course, I couldn't help but order the short rib fries when I saw it on the menu. I asked for the short rib and cheese curds to be put on the side so I wouldn't receive a resultant soggy mess by the time the meal was delivered.

Dining In and Bridget Foy's did a great job in accommodating my request. The mozzarella curds were fresh and unsalted. However, the rich, savory short ribs made up for that - they had a great depth to them. The fries were fresh cut and well seasoned as well.

Together, the dish was highly reminiscent of a poutine - that oft-acclaimed dish from our neighbors to the North. You've got some crunch from the fries, richness from the short ribs, and fresh clean flavors from the curds. Delicious.

Overall, if you're ever on South Street or you feel like ordering in through Dining In, consider ordering the burger and better yet, the short rib fries at Bridget Foy's.

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