Monday, February 18, 2013

13th Street Pizza Review

This time I around, I decided to try 13th Street Pizza, ordered through Seamless. Like a pro, I checked Yelp before I ordered. But like a novice, I decided to disregard the poor 3-star rating and comments excoriating the delivery service (always late and the pizza was described as 'only for when you're drunk'). In addition, there was a $2 delivery fee, which I decided was fine. Why? The menu proclaimed that they offered Chicago-style deep dish pies. Reminiscing about Giordano's in Chicago, I knew I had to try it out.

I called to have the pizza delivered about 2-3 hours later, thinking that would be enough time. Especially since we're talking about Friday, during lunch. Unfortunately, the problems started when they called to let me know they were backed up and were going to be 15 minutes late. That's totally fine, especially since they were kind enough to let me know. Yet lo and behold, the pizza came an hour later. On top of that, the delivery guy was pretty awkward and it took a few minutes before I was actually handed the pizza. Interesting since no money changed hands since I paid online. Not exactly stellar service.

18" Pepperoni and Sausage Focaccia Round Pizza ($17)
Chicago-style deep dish

This was not a Chicago-style deep dish pizza. While it was indeed thick, it was doughy and flavorless. The moistness of a focaccia was not evident here either. The cheese was processed, to be sure, and the toppings were pretty standard. Oh yes - and the fact that it was an hour late rendered the pizza lukewarm at best.

Cheezy Bread ($5)

The middle portions of the bread that were inundated with cheddar and mozzarella were nice, especially with oregano sprinkled on top. However, the majority of the outer border was way too doughy. It felt as though I was eating unseasoned yeast. The marinara was pretty standard, with an overt sweetness.

13th Street Gourmet 'Famous' Garlic Knots ($5) 

Again, I'll immediately order anything that says 'famous.' I don't know if these are indeed famous, since I've had better in NYC, but for Philly, it was a decent iteration. The garlic, parsley, and olive oil nicely dressed these knots. They had an inherent butteriness that I enjoyed.

Overall, I don't think I'll be ordering from 13th Street Pizza anytime soon. I should have listened to my inner Yelp Elite and trusted the reviews. But the enticing menu beckoned to my inner glutton. Alas, foiled by one of the seven deadly sins. Doh.

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