Saturday, February 23, 2013

Eat a Pita Review

Recently, I met up with the GF and her co-worker for a Friday work-day lunch. Since I was able to work from home that day, I met them close to where they work, in Midtown Village. Reminiscing about the schawarma options in NYC, I was excited to head to Eat a Pita.

The design of this place is really clean, open, and fresh. Pretty perfect if you ask me. It's right next to Jake's Sandwich Board - so it took everything I had not to stop over and get their delicious potato pancakes!

But back to Eat a Pita! Their motto is 'pick a protein, pick your produce, pick a pour.' Makes sense and they sure do have a lot of options. They also have a bunch of pre-designed sandwiches. The GF and her co-worker previously had the portabella panini and a Reuben respectively. More importantly, they really enjoyed them. This time around, we all went with some relatively healthy options (perhaps to our downfall).

The Gobbler ($9)
Turkey breast, cranberry mustard, brie, spinach 

The GF had the turkey gobbler, which attempted to evoke Thanksgiving. It gave it the good ol' college try - fresh turkey breast, a tangy cranberry mustard, with some creamy brie. The spinach and cucumbers offered refreshing bites to the panini. Yet - despite all this, the sandwich was really dry and was not our cup of tea.

Lamb Shawarma ($11)
Yogurt, cucumber salad

I went with a lamb schawarma. Unfortunately, this was nothing like the ones off of the 'street meat' carts in NYC. The lamb was dry and even tasted ground up. The yogurt sauce was the real disappointment - it tasted extremely sweet and did not have the creamy tang that embodies a proper cucumber yogurt sauce. There was some slight heat to the dish, but muted overall. The fresh cucumbers and romaine lettuce were a nice touch. The wheat pita (my choice) certainly added to the healthy vibe of the overall meal. Still - healthy or not, this was just dry and too sweet.

Vegeterian Chili ($5; $2 add-on with sandwich)

The saving grace (thought not exactly Messianic or saving for that matter)? The vegetarian chili was actually really good. It had a bit of kick at the end which I enjoyed. Little orzo-like pasta and beans helped to make this a hearty side. I really have to come back for the Reuben and the chili.

Farro Salad ($5; $2 add-on with sandwich)

The GF opted for a cold farro salad as a side. Again with the sweet. This tasted as though it was drenched in maple syrup. The golden raisins didn't help matters. This was more of a grainy, syrupy dessert. Not our favorite either.

I really wanted to like Eat a Pita, but unfortunately, they missed the mark on my first trip. Hopefully, the second time will be the charm (as I won't try for a third if they miss the mark again). They're in a prime location and have the capability to deliver really good food (even the healthy choices) - I just couldn't get over how sweet some of those sauces and dishes were. They do offer Level Up, which is a way to pay using your smart phone. The service is connected to your credit card and gives you store credit. In fact, at Eat a Pita, for every $50 you spend - you get a $5 credit. In fact, if you use this link - you'll get $5 instantly! Not too shabby!

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