Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Honeygrow Review

Interested in a place that offers healthy eating sourced from local produce? Quick eats? In the city? Stir fry and salads? Look no further - Honeygrow has arrived in Center City!

They offer an innovative and modern method of ordering.

Using the touch-screen, add or remove ingredients to make your own creation or choose one of their recommended dishes! 

They even go the extra mile by offering spouts for hoisin and siracha sauce - right by the self-serve soda fountain! Heck, they've even got Penn Dutch Birch beer on offer.

Cobb Salad ($10 with the bolded additions)

Romaine lettuce, Mesclun mix, spinach, egg, crispy bacon, apples, grape tomatoes, avocado, grilled free range chicken, crumbled blue cheese, edamame, chickpeas, almonds, white balsamic vinaigrette

This salad was fresh, well dressed, and had a good mix of ingredients. The GF opted for a healthier version of a traditional Cobb - which meant the removal of the blue cheese, egg, and bacon. So ... essentially, this was a regular salad with the addition of edamame, chickpeas, and almonds. 
Still - each bite offered vibrant flavors and this was surprisingly filling for what 
I normally consider to be rabbit food. 

With that in mind - I opted for some stir fry.

Sesame Garlic Stir Fry ($9.75)
Snap peas, naturally raised beef, bell peppers, egg noodles, onions, carrots, scallion, sesame garlic sauce

This pre-designed dish was a nice punch of sesame and garlic, which coated the crunch of the carrots and onions. The snap peas and bell peppers offered juicy and fresh bites which were mixed with perfectly al dente egg noodles. The naturally raised beef were juicy nuggets that added a bit of heft to the melange of veggies. Very nice.

Overall, I would highly recommend stopping by Honeygrow if you're looking for a quick and fresh bite. There are a variety of toppings that can be added to any and everything. They've also got smoothies that are made to order. Definitely a nice addition to Center City.

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