Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jet's Pizza Review

The last time I was in Michigan, the GF's folks ordered us pizza from Jet's, a local pizzeria chain. I silently scoffed. As a New Yorker, I tend to be a bit snobbish when considering pizza that isn't from the five boroughs. Other than a cheesy deep dish from Chicago (which I don't consider a real slice, but certainly delicious), I'm usually hard pressed to find a slice I can stand. However, as soon as I took a bite of Jet's - I stood corrected. In fact, I nearly ate an entire pie myself.

So when I came back to Michigan this year, one of the things I was looking forward to was biting into another square of Jet's pies.

But first, let's whet our appetites with some salad ... 

Large Antipasto Salad ($8.49)
Lettuce, Ham, Salami, Premium Mozzarella Cheese, Tomatoes, and Black Olives.

This hefty salad is advertised as feeding 3 to 4 ... but easily fills twice the amount of people as an appetizer. It's a nice mix of fresh greens, grape tomatoes, salami, olives, and mountainous amounts of mozzarella. In fact - Jet's may overdo it with the amount of cheese they stack onto this salad - it's almost laughable - in a gluttonous way, which is the only way I know. 

But what are we really here for? The 8 corner pie from Jet's ...

8 Corner Pizza - Pepperoni ($13.98) 
8 delicious deep dish slices, each with its own corner crust

These delicious squares are incredibly buttery and cheesy - the best of both worlds. Jet's makes it so that each of these is a corner slice - pretty genius if you ask me because the crust is like heaven in your mouth - perfectly crispy. If you've ever had Pizza Hut before - you know just how buttery those pan pies can be. However, they usually taste of artificial spray out of a can. Jet's is not this way - just delicious goodness.

Super Special - Square Pizza ($17.35)
Premium Mozzarella Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham, Mushrooms, Onions, and Green Peppers.

This is similar to the 8 corner pizza, without the crust. It's just as cheesy and buttery, just without the crispy crust of the 8 corner. This iteration comes loaded with meats and veggies. It's crispy underneath, but perfectly pillowy throughout.

Super Special Pizza ($17.35)
Premium Mozzarella Cheese, Pepperoni, Ham, Mushrooms, Onions, and Green Peppers.

This rendition of the super special is in typical triangular pie form. Not as buttery as the square pies, but just as delicious.

And as a final treat - let's talk about what is known in Michigan as pop ...

The GF's cousins thought that I couldn't leave Michigan without trying Vernor's and Faygo, so brought them over for me to try. They were unique indeed - the Faygo tasted like DumDum lollipop's. And the Vernors? For what was advertised as Ginger Ale, it was certainly different from Schweppes and Seagram's. It was lighter and more syrupy.

But back to Jet's. Overall, the second time was just as good as the first. Everything I love about a good pizza pie is inherent in a Jet's pie. Beautifully buttery and crispy - you almost forget about all the calories you're ingesting. The only real downside? There is no Jet's back on the East Coast.

Can't wait for my next trip back to Michigan.

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  1. Agreed! Jet's makes a tasty pie!

  2. Did Jet's pay you for your review? I look at the super special and you comment, "It's loaded with toppings.". Really? Did you look at the pic you posted. Those toppings are pretty sparse. On the round pie, the toppings hardly go close to the edge of the crust. Cmon, let's be honest here. Jet's is about par with Pizza hut.

    1. Nope no #AD here! Not even from Michigan. I'm just an equal opp pizza lover whether its artisanal Neopolitan or Detroit style. Not saying it's uber quality or even the best. Just saying if I'm hungry, I'd have no qualms knowing it'll prob be at the top of my list when I'm in MI. No shame here ;)

  3. The pizza was the worst! We will never order again from Jet's pizza!! The bread taste like harden leather! Most of the pizza went into the trash!!!!!!!!! yuk!!

    1. Oh no! I'm not from Michigan so have only had it when visiting. Hopefully just a one-off, but sounds like a one and done! Understandable when that happens =(

      I only have it when I visit Michigan a few times a year and it's always been good ... aka ... greasy and cheesy.