Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gateway Grill Review

After a fun-filled weekend in Michigan, it was time to head out and go back to Philly. First stop - Bishop International Airport in Flint Michigan. While waiting for the first leg of a connecting flight through Detroit, I started to get a bit hungry - surprised?

There aren't that many options in this local terminal - but there was a Gateway Grill.

Cheeseburger ($3.69)

Their iteration of the burger was pretty standard. A decent bun that housed about 3 to 4 oz's of beef patty. I asked for cheddar, lettuce, and tomato. The toppings were fresh, though I wish the cheese and beef was more plentiful. The patty could have been seasoned a bit better as well. 

Hotdog ($2.59)

The hotdog was cooked on a flattop, just as the burger was. I was offered sauerkraut and onions as toppings - I decided to spare my fellow passengers on the plane and got only the sauerkraut, which was grilled on the flattop as well - a nice touch. The hotdog had a decent snap and was juicy - definitely hit the spot.

Overall, the Gateway Grill satiated the belly of this pig, though my taste buds were not necessarily excited. And while my final total was ominously devilish, ultimately, the meal was not.

Gateway Grill
Bishop International Airport
3425 West Bristol Road
Flint Township, MI 48507
(810) 235-6560

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