Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gusto Pizzeria Review

Another day of work, another night where I was too tired to cook. So of course, the GF and I decided to check out a pizza joint we haven't tried yet.

After scouring Yelp for decent reviews, we settled on Gusto Pizzeria in Rittenhouse Square. 

Lately, we've been craving vegetable specialty pizzas and unfortunately, Gusto's primavera pie did not hit the spot. The pizza dough wasn't seasoned and was quite thick. Sparsely topped with cheese and veggies, it's hard to think of any positives to this pie. The onions were stringy and the mushrooms were mushy - unfortunate to say the least.

Buffalo Wings ($6.50)

This order came with 12 wings, which were pretty delicious. While the wings could have been more crisp, that could have been just a downside of delivery times. The sauce was nicely buttery and coated the wings well. It was accompanied by some celery sticks and blue cheese.

Delivery took about an hour from initial order and unfortunately, the food was lukewarm. Somehow, I doubt that the pizza would have been much better at Gusto Pizzeria though.

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