Friday, December 6, 2019

Amada Brunch

If you haven't been to Amada by now, you're missing out on a classic Jose Garces destination restaurant. Beyond being the long-standing bastions of tapas cuisine in the city, the kitchen's ability to execute on classic dishes, with a creative twist, keeps me coming back for more. 

Clockwise from Top Right: Ensalada Verde, Pan con Tomate, Law of Desire Cocktail, Pastry Basket

For brunch, the $27pp prix fixe is the way to go. Coffee or tea, along with a killer pastry basket is included. Think warm, flaky, buttery croissants and olive oil cake, paired with fig jam and whipped butter. I also enjoyed the Law of Desire, featuring Jim Beam Honey Whiskey, Iced Coffee, and Cinnamon - easy drinking. From there, the prix fixe allows you to order 3 items per person off their sectioned brunch menu. My sister was in town for the holidays and to start, she had the ensalada verde and I went with the classic - pan con tomate. First off, I need to order more salads at restaurants, especially if they're at Amada. Here, diced green beans, favas, asparagus, and avocado are perfectly seasoned and dressed, with plenty of shaved manchego on top. And what can I say about the pan con tomate - it's a must. Juicy diced tomato, olive oil, and garlic is atop crusty bread ... if you come to Amada for just Happy Hour, do get this. 

Clockwise from Top Right: Sangria Pancakes, Revuelto, Panceta, Patatas Rosti

For our mains, we went with the Reveulto and sangria pancakes for a savory and sweet combo. Soft-scrambled eggs, shrimp, and truffle-butter toast was on point. And the sangria pancakes? Plenty of texture from apple, pear, figs, and the pancakes themselves, to be drizzled with that sangria syrup. For sides, we paired the Patatas Rosti which were essentially hockey-puck sized fluffy potatoes, crisped on the exterior. And obviously the smoked bacon really hit the spot for me. 

Not that anyone needs a reason to go to brunch, but Amada clearly has plenty to reach those #BrunchGoals for your squad. 

217-219 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 398-6968

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