Monday, October 7, 2019

Moshulu 2019 Fall Menu

As you might already be aware, the Moshulu recently underwent a renovationIt still remains the only restaurant in the world aboard a tall ship. And the food coming out of Chef Anthony Bonett's kitchen is still top notch.

Clockwise from Right: Smoking Sazerac, Beet & Arugula Salad with Goat Cheese Croquette, Lobster Cocktail

Whether it's at White Dog Cafe or at the Moshulu, you'll find me enjoying the Smoking Sazerac. Easily enjoyed with an earthy and well-seasoned beet & arugula salad that came with crispy, salty goat cheese croquettes. The lobster cocktail was a delicious deconstruction of a lobster roll. Perfectly cooked, atop a buttery brioche round.

Clockwise from Right: Sea Scallops with Gnocchi and Black Truffle, Honey Sriracha Atlantic Salmon & Quinoa, Mac n Cheese

The seared sea scallops were nicely paired with a deep black truffle mushroom jus, with seared gnocchi. Hearty fare as we go into the colder months. The crispy Atlantic salmon made a believer out of crispy fish skin for the wife. Honey sriracha imparted a spicy sweetness in that crispy skin, with the meat being nicely moist and flaky. The tricolor quinoa was cooked in a nice stock and came with carrots and peas. And what's a Fearless Restaurants meal without their killer mac? So comforting! 

Key Lime Cheesecake 

The wife loves cheesecake and I'm all about key lime pie. Normally I defer to her, but luckily we had the best of both worlds with the key lime cheesecake. 

If you still haven't been to the Moshulu, make sure to stop by. Perfect way to enjoy the waterfront and have a meal on a boat! 

Moshulu Restaurant
401 S. Christopher Columbus Blvd. 
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 923-2500

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