Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Good King Tavern Review

Looking for modern takes on French comfort fare from Provence to Alsace? Look no further than The Good King Tavern. The Bella Vista tavern is cozy, personable, and inviting. There's no pretense here. Indulge in the wine list or explore French house wines ranging from "good" to "better" to "best." On this particular night, we indulged in some of their best - Burgundy Chardonnay and a Cote de Rhone Syrah-Grench blend. 

Sazerac [$12]
Rye whiskey, Demerera, bitters, absinthe

Properly made cocktails abound here as well. I enjoyed my sazerac, with the sweet demerera and absinthe balancing out the hit of rye.

Cheese Board [$16]

Fresh baguette, grapes, crisp apple slices, and quince paste were paired with a wide array of delectable cheeses, from the funk of earthy blues to semi-soft cow's milk cheeses. 

Red Endive Salad [$12]
Pistachio-pepper pesto, Parmesan

The endive salad provided the perfect bitter notes to whet our appetites. Plenty of shaved Parmesan and a creamy pistachio pepper pesto provided a burst of flavor for each bite. 

Escargot Anchoiade [$11]
Butter, lemon, capers

The earthy gastropods were deliciously doused in butter, garlic, and parsley, with the salty hit of capers offering a counterpoint. Believe you me, the crusty baguettes were a welcome vessel to mop up any remaining sauce.

Steak Tartare [$15]
Salad, pomme frites

TGK's steak tartare was a standout. Beautiful texture on the beef, with chopped red onion, mustard, and capers interspersed throughout. I appreciated the citrus zest for a burst of freshness. Added bonus? Some of the best pommes frites in the city. Well-seasoned, crispy, but with plenty of chew within.Who needs crostini for your tartare when you have fries?

Socca [$12]
Chickpea pancake, ratatouille

If there's a must-order at TGK, it's the socca. These chickpea pancakes are crisp, yet pliant and are an obvious vessel for the frisee and ratatouille. The latter was nicely stewed, with an enjoyable hit of acid from the tomatoes.  

Duck of the Day - Duck Wings

TGK sources the majority of their ingredients from local farms. And with the ducks they receive, they creatively execute a "duck of the day" dish. Whether it's confit, breasts, or wings - look out for their daily special. We were able to enjoy the crispy wings, with a delectable sauce that you may be licking off your fingers. 

Steak Frites [$21]
Bordelaise, maitre d'butter

Classic steak frites are well-executed, with a house butter offering up richness alongside the bordelaise sauce. 

Brussels Sprouts [$8]
Pumpkin seed aioli, black currants

Do get the crispy, roasted brussels here - seasonality from the pumpkin seed aioli and a bit of sweetness from the black currants.

Creme Brulee

Creme brulee hit all the sweet notes you'd be looking for from the vanilla custard, with sweet and bitter flavors and texture from the bruleed sugar top. 

Almond Cake
Chocolate sauce, hazelnuts

The almond cake was moist and rustic, with a decadent chocolate sauce that deserves to have every spoonful sopped up.

I'd highly recommend the Good King Tavern as a stop from wherever you are in the city. Expect a convivial atmosphere with wonderful French fare without any of the fussiness.

FTC Disclaimer: Thanks to The Good King Tavern and Zipkick for hosting me. Regardless, my opinions are mine alone and, therefore, unbiased. 

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