Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Deck Philly Review

A few weeks back, I stopped by the Moshulu to preview the opening of The Deck. I was blown away by the recent renovations. The topside of Penn's Landing's venerable ship was beautifully done, with plenty of comfortable seating to enjoy Philly's sunsets while sipping some summer cocktails. And what better venue to enjoy brunch, perhaps after working in some on-the-deck Sunday yoga? This past Thursday, the GF and I popped in to try some of The Deck's dishes and indulge in their shakes!

Tuna Tartare [$18]
Citrus lime marinade 

We started off with the tuna tartare, which was spot on. I appreciated that the tuna wasn't so finely diced so that I could appreciate the quality of the fish. The marinade didn't overpower, but imparted a nice citrus-soy bite, all atop a California king-size bed of creamy avocado. Crispy onion strings, radish, and jalapeno added some texture, along with the accompanying buttered crostini.

Spanish Octopus [$17]
Preserved lemon

The octo's a must-order in my mind. Lightly charred on the outside, it cut like butter and was incredibly tender. Clearly a lot of time went into the prep of the cephalopod, not to mention the dish itself. Plated with root vegetables for some heft as well as preserved lemons for some acidity, I especially enjoyed the bite of the black garlic paste, which was tempered by the aioli. Do get this!   

New England Lobster Roll [$27]
Butter poached lobster, cole slaw, Old Bay potato chips 

Summer in the city means it's the perfect time for a lobster roll. And The Deck's got you covered with plenty of sweet lobster piled high atop a pillowy, buttered roll. The Old Pay potato chips were homemade and transported us right to Maine. The surprising standout? The cole slaw! I know I'll be adding dill to all my slaw moving forward. It was so good that the GF had to slap my fork away from her plate.

Prime Burger [$24]
10 oz. patty, bacon onion jam, cheddar, mustard aioli, sesame brioche, fries 

For my main, I went with their burger, which boasted 10 oz. of Prime beef, though I have a feeling mine was a full pound. Along with a beautifully salty crust revealing juicy beef within, the wall of cheese cascading over the patty was unreal. Housemade bacon-onion jam sealed the deal by bringing each bite over the top. Make sure to ask for an extra napkin! The crisp fries were well-seasoned and the mustard aioli was addictive. In fact, if you get a standalone order of fries as a Happy Hour snack, I'd ask for that aioli!  

The Deck Shakes [$16 each]
Chocolate Tasty Shake
Chocolate Ganache, Philly Candies, Soft Pretzel, Whipped Cream, Peanut Butter Tasty Cakes 
Wild Thang Strawberry Shake
Vanilla Buttercream, Pastel Candies, B'day Cake, Whipped Cream, Pink Caramel Angel Hair

Of course if there's anything you've got to try at least once, it's The Deck Shakes. When these bad boys came out, I noticed that all the patrons gaped and turned their heads in awe as it came to our table. The Chocolate Tasty Cake hit all the right notes between salty and sweet, featuring a cornucopia of Philly soft pretzels, Tasty Cakes, peanut butter cups, chocolate candies, and plenty of whipped cream. Beneath it all was a cool and creamy chocolaty shake that's perfect for a summer sugar high. The Wild Thang features an entire slice of birthday cake, pink caramel angel hair strands, vanilla KitKats, and a delicious strawberry shake, along with a rainbow of chocolate candies studding the body of the glass.

Beyond their ridiculous shakes, The Deck offers "Deck Jugs," which features their top cocktails mixed and served in a Jug dispenser for parties of two or more! Perfect for an after-work meetup with coworkers and friends. So be sure to stop on by - where else can you enjoy your Philly summer on a ship, by the water, and with great food and drinks! 

FTC Disclaimer: Thanks to the Fearless Restaurants and The Deck Philly for hosting us. Regardless, my opinions are mine alone and, therefore, unbiased. 

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