Friday, May 20, 2016

The Dandelion Review [2]

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A friend was in town filming a spot for QVC and mentioned he was all about gastropubs. The GF was in the mood for a proper fish and chips. So, The Dandelion was pretty much a done deal. 

Stout Flip [$11]
Bulleit bourbon, whole egg, orange marmalade, Young's Double Chocolate Stout

Dandelion - Stout Flip

One of my favorite drinks has to be the Stout Flip. Luscious and chocolate-forward, this'll be the creamiest (and booziest!) chocolate shake you'll imbibe. The orange marmalade notes balanced out the sweet and bitter from the bourbon and stout, with the whole egg providing body. 

Iron Lady [$12]
Old Overholt Rye, Thatcher's Apple Ginger, angostura and orange bitters, orange peel, Luxardo cherry

Dandelion - Iron Lady

I've ordered several of these ladies over the years. Similar enough to a Manhattan, with Thatcher's ginger liquer subbing in for vermouth, the mellow balance belies the subtle stiffness of the drink.

Bread Service

There's always great bread to start you off at The Dandelion, along with several pats of easily spreadable butter.

Housemade Ricotta [$11.50]
Extra virgin olive oil, dried herbs, toasted sourdough

Dandelion - Housemade Ricotta

Fair warning, if you're planning on ordering a few apps, it's not for the carb-phobic. The ricotta is a favorite - rich, creamy, and fruity from the olive oil. And yes, plenty of toasted sourdough bread. 

Duck, Foie Gras, and Pistachio Terrine [$14]
Shallot pear chutney

Dandelion - Duck, Foie Gras, and Pistachio Terrine

I'm a sucker for foie gras in any form and this terrine was beautifully set. The shallot pear chutney was the perfect countervailing element to the richness of terrine. The cornichons added a nice acidic element to each bite. And yes, even more of that great bread! 

Crispy Hampshire Pork Belly [$23]
Tomato white bean stew, blood pudding, apple glaze

Dandelion - Crispy Hampshire Pork Belly

My main was pretty much a given. The Hampshire pork belly had a beautiful cook on it. The amazingly crisp, almost glassy skin enveloped a hefty, yet unctuous portion of pork. The blood pudding was crisp, rich, and had great texture. The tomato white bean stew was a sweet and acidic counterpoint to the richness of the dish. Perfect for a cold night's meal - or any night or meal for that matter. 

The Dandelion hasn't let me down just yet. Set in comfortable and inviting setting, it's easy to see why. Be sure to stop by if you need a proper British gastropub experience or simply want great food and drinks. 

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