Saturday, February 6, 2016

Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. Review

Franklin Mortgage has gone 2.0. In addition to a second floor, they've revamped their cocktail menu, which was essentially Philly's bible of hand-crafted goodness. From easy-going punches to gasoline-infused guzzlers, it was essentially a lexicon of all things holy in the world of craft cocktails. The new menu is a one-pager that has new tipples on feature. But have no fear, they're still able to craft their previous 300+ cocktails if you ask nicely. They also feature small bar bites such as honey-roasted peanuts, milk chocolate raisins, and wasabi peas.

Short Skirt / Long Jacket [$12]
Reposado tequila, Swedish punsch, ginger, raspberry, fennel, lemon juice, lime juice, Peychaud's bitters, club soda

If you're looking for easy drinking with some tart effervescence, this is your drink. With sour citrus notes from the raspberry, lemon, and lime, the drink was mellowed by the tequila and punsch, with a hit of spice from the ginger. Very nice.

Chain Link Fence [$14]
Brandy, rye whiskey, green chartreuse, fernet branca, aromatic bitters

The brandy-whiskey based cocktail was smooth, with undertones of caramel that were accented by the thickness of the fernet branca. The chartreuse and bitters added a bit more complexity.

Lovesick Flip [$14]
White rum, Jamaican style rum, Malmsey madeira, Killepitsch, passionfruit, all spice, whole egg, IPA

The favorite of the night was definitely this rum-based drink. Light creaminess from the egg, this was a full-bodied drink that was really made exceptional by the hit of tartness from the passionfruit and sweet acidity from the madeira. A must order in my mind.

So if you're in Rittenhouse and feel the urge to stop in for a drink, there's obviously no place better than Franklin Mortgage. The revamp offers more seating and less of a wait. The drinks are still top-notch as are the mixologists. 

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