Friday, February 12, 2016

Bainbridge Street Barrel House Review [2]

The GF and I had previously stopped by Bainbridge Barrelhouse for lunch. Noticing that they hoted Quizzo, we decided to invite some friends to check it out. Advertised as starting at 7 - 7:30PM, the games began closer to 8PM. Not incredibly busy like Fado, there were about 8 teams on Tuesday night.

Kentucky Orchards [$9]
Applewood infused Buffalo Trace, Fernet Branca, Lillet Blanc, apple cider, honey syrup

I decided to start off the night with some applewood-infused Buffalo Trace bourbon, which was brightened up with apple cider and honey. Nicely light and smokey.

Cicharron Special [$4]

Had to order the pig skins, which were freshly fried and covered in subtly smoky espelette spice mix.

Beer Battered Pickles [$5]
Whiskey aioli

We also went with the fried pickles, which were not as good as Kite and Key's and showcased a chewy batter. Definitely could have used a thinner coating and some more time in the fryer.

Fish & Chips [$17]
Beer battered haddock, fries, housemade tartar sauce  

The GF went with the fish and chips, which also had a well-seasoned, yet chewy batter. Still, the fish was flaky and meaty. The accompanying fries were crisp and nicely fried.

Sally Smothers [$13]
8 oz. Pat la Frieda, fried egg, pancetta, sharp provolone, fried shallots, mayo, brioche

I went with another of Bainbridge's Pat La Frieda burgers, which had good flavor and was moist. The fried shallots were a nice touch, though the pancetta seemed a bit lost. The sharp provolone and fried egg helped to bring each bite over the top. 

Overall, Bainbridge seems to do burgers decently, but there are more than the occasional missteps. In fact, the GF ordered a Diet Pepsi that tasted of chlorine. Seems that this was the case in some other reviews on Yelp as well.

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