Thursday, August 6, 2015

Waffles Incaffeinated Review

This is for a 2015 trip to Pittsburgh including: 

The GF and I had just flow in for a 4th of July weekend in Pittsburgh. We stopped by our friend's place in Southside and decided to grab some brunch before exploring what the Steel City had to offer.

Waffles Incaffeinated

He recommended Waffles Incaffeinated and judging by the long wait, it's a popular place. We played some pool nearby and got a text an hour and a half later once our table was ready. Luckily, once seated, the food came out fairly quickly. 

Mushroom Chevre O-My-Lette [$8.95]
Fresh goat cheese, tender wild mushrooms  

Waffles Incaffeinated - Mushroom Chevre O-My-Lette

The GF went with the goat cheese and mushroom omelet, which was perfectly cooked and had earthy mushrooms interspersed throughout. Plenty of salty goat cheese topped the omelet, with a roasted tomato slice on the side. A nice variety of fresh fruit was provided as well.

Breakfast Magic [$8.65]
Crisp bacon, shredded cheddar, green onion, egg, sour cream, bourbon maple syrup

Waffles Incaffeinated - Breakfast Magic

I went with the breakfast magic, with an over easy egg. Cute Pac-Man arrangement, but frankly I would have enjoyed the extra quarter wedge since for me, this was a small portion. Some home fries seemed warranted and would have been proportionate to the price.

Still, the meaty bits of bacon, the sharp cheddar, and the bite of the green onions balanced nicely with the light, yet somewhat crisp waffle. Do ask for the bourbon maple syrup, which brought some additional sweetness to each bite, with an undertone of the whiskey.

Overall, Waffles Incaffeinated satiated my appetite for a few hours and paved the way for me to go to Primanti Brothers shortly thereafter. I can see why it's a neighborhood favorite as it features fresh, well-executed breakfast dishes. 

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