Saturday, April 4, 2015

Insomnia Cookies Review

While attending Penn, Seth Berkowitz baked up the idea of delivering warm cookies to students - late at night, no less. Catering to the collegiate student body, the cookie business was appropriately named Insomnia Cookies.

With more than 40 store locations and growing, Insomnia Cookies offers a variety of fresh-baked cookies. There are several locations in Center City including in the Midtown Village and the Rittenhouse areas. So as part of my bday treat last year, the GF picked up more than a handful to satiate my sweet tooth!

If you're in the mood, they also have ice cream to pair with your warm cookie! 

The Sugar Rush [$14]
Mix of 12 cookies

The Sugar Rush provides a proper education into all that Insomnia Cookies has to offer. Take your pick of 12 baked goodies - one would hope they would uphold the tradition of a Baker's Dozen but alas ... And if you're looking to snack on one at a time, I've provided the a la carte pricing below.

Sugar Cookie [$1.35]

 Their sugar cookies are one of my favorites - buttery, soft, simple sweetness.

White Chocolate Macadamia [$1.35]

This cookie showcases thick white chocolate chunks interspersed with rich macadamia.

Peanut Butter Chip [$1.35]

One of the GF's favorites highlights salty sweet peanut butter.

Chocolate Chunk [$1.35]

This one has rich chunks of chocolate that aren't found in Entenmann's or Nabisco cookies.

Double Chocolate Mint [$1.35]

Another favorite of ours is the double chocolate mint which has that nice minty undertone.

Snickerdoodle [$1.35]

The snickerdoodle is harder than your typical sugar cookie, with a sweet cinnamon base.

M&M's [$1.35]

M&M cookies? 'Nuff said - there's plenty of chocolate candy chunks throughout. 

So if you're burning the midnight oil, or just need something sweet - be sure to buy a gallon of milk and enjoy the offerings at Insomnia Cookies.

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