Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Le Carrousel de la Tour Eiffel Review

This is for a series of posts related to a Paris 2014 trip including: 

On my second trip to Paris, I took my mother along. She has fairly simple dining needs and isn't the most adventurous. So after touring the Eiffel Tower, we were a bit famished. I noticed chien chaude was on offer by the nearby carrousel. So interested in checking out the French version on the hot dog, we decided to try it. We were not disappointed!

So when I recently brought the GF to Paris, I knew I had to blow her mind. Could a French-style hot dog compete with the U.S.?

Across the street from the NW section of the Eiffel Tower, right by the bridge, you'll notice the carousel. And to the right of this, is a crepe stand. 

You can't leave Paris without trying a crepe and the ones here were pretty good, especially considering they are for eating on the go! 

They'll stuff your crepe with cheese, ham, and even a fried egg! 

Chien Chaude Fromage [7.50 Euros = $9.13]

But first, let's get back to that hot dog. The GF was actually surprised by how good it was. The cheesy, crusty baguette was fresh and housed the hot dogs well (read: plural). The dogs also had nice snap and a salty savoriness. The mix of mayo and ketchup definitely makes sense - adding some acidity and creaminess to each bite.

Maxi Complete Jambon [9.50 Euros = $11.57]
Crepe, ham, cheese, egg, fries

I probably should have stopped there, but considering we had arrived late on our first night in Paris and were scheduled for a boat ride by the Seine River, I went all out. I ordered the largest version of their crepe. It's filled with ham, cheese, egg, and topped with fries - talk about a carbo-gut-bomb. If you go this route, do get extra napkins because you'll find a decent pool of grease at the bottom of your crepe. I'd opt for some ketchup and mayo as well. Regardless, this was an enjoyable mess of gluttony, though not exactly the most delicate of endeavors.

So if you're by the Eiffel Tower and need a quick snack, stop by the carrousel and order up a hot dog or a simple crepe. But if you're really starving, try the maxi complete jambon crepe. It requires two hands to hold and be sure to get those napkins!

Le Carrousel de la Tour Eiffel
Corner of the Pont d'IEna
Quai Brenly
75007 Paris

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