Monday, February 9, 2015

British Airways Review

This is for a series of posts related to a London 2014 trip including: 

Amidst all the cold we're currently experiencing in Philly, I can't help but think back to warmer times - like this past fall when the GF and I took a trip to Europe. So let's take a bit of a break and check out some travel and dining in Paris and London! On the first leg of our trip to Paris, the GF and I decided to fly British Airways. It was affordably priced for a non-stop flight and we knew we'd be comfortable on our 8-hour flight.

With the Rolls Royce Trent engines on full display, we boarded without any issues and got a great two-seater on our own. Everyone has a personal LCD display with plenty of current movies, TV shows, news, and your flight itinerary all on display. But on to the food and drink. After all, this is a food blog for the most part!

Pro tip? Drinks are complimentary - and I'm not talking about soft drinks. Plenty of wine, Glenlivet 12, and Johnnie Walker to be imbibed and enjoyed.

Dinner for me was chicken tikka masala and curry rice. For airline food, not bad at all. The chicken was actually moist and plentiful. The curry wasn't exactly Whitehall, London curry but it was passable. 

It came with a side salad with fresh lettuce, shredded carrots, and plum tomatoes. 

The lemon cake was really moist, sweet, and flavorful. Definitely satiated our sweet tooth!

And for breakfast the next day? A croissant of course - we were on our way en Paris! 

So if you're looking to relax, have plenty of personal entertainment, decent food, and most important, drinks to calm any flying jitters, check out British Airways.

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