Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Capogiro Gelato Review

If you want to step up your ice cream game and head into gelato territory, there's no place better in Philly than Capogiro. It's no wonder their name is a reference to being dizzy - they've got a wide range of options that will make you swoon.

Their creations are beautifully displayed, with whole fruits studded on top of the handcrafted gelato. I'm prepared for a velvety flavor explosion every time.

Small Gelato [$4.75] 
Apple Cider with Clove, Crimson Grape

The GF opted for a small pairing of apple cider along with crimson grape. The graininess of the apple was apparent - showcasing just how natural and handcrafted these creations are. The crimson grape was tart, sweet, and lightly effervescent.

Small Gelato [$4.75] 
Bourbon Butterscotch, Avocado

My favorite is the avocado - weird, but it works! Creamy, it coats the tongue and is lightly herbaceous. As soon as I saw bourbon butterscotch, I was sold. The subtle sweetness of the bourbon accenting the understated caramel flavors.

So if you're either in the Rittenhouse or Midtown Village areas, don't hesitate to stop by one of the Capogiro outposts - it's a bit pricey, but the crafty creations are worth it!

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