Friday, May 23, 2014

Pizzeria Vetri Review [3]

This is for a series of posts for the Vetri family of restaurants including: Pizzeria Vetri [1], Pizzeria Vetri [2], Pizzeria Vetri [3], Alla Spina, Amis, Vetri Ristorante [1], and Vetri Ristorante [2].   

Recently, one of our friends stopped by for some weeknight wine and grub. Since she had not tried Pizzeria Vetri yet, we decided to get some good eats for takeout.

Wood Oven Salad [$12]
Roasted parsnips, carrots, celery root, turnips, prosciutto cotto, smoked scamorza

The wood oven salad always offers great bites and is clearly my type of salad. This is a new iteration for the winter menu, offering the addition of sweet parsnips. The root vegetables added earthy sweetness to counteract the salty ham and smoked scamorza. I suppose there could have been a bit more greens to make this a true salad, but hey, I'm not really partial to rabbit food anyways.

Rotolo x3 [$3.50 x3]
Pizza dough, mortadella, ricotta, pistacchio pesto

You can't go to Pizzeria Vetri and not order the rotolo. One of the best bites of 2013, these are crusty on the outside, while the innards are soft and pillowy. Each bite offers a great meld of flavors with the heft of the mortadella accentuated by the garlicky pistachio pesto. That pesto is something else - the nuggets of pistachio are like candy - I could totally drink this dressing.

Pizza al Taglio [$6]
Speck, mozzarella, gorgonzola, balsamic vinaigrette

The pizza al taglio are also a must order. Pizzeria Vetri usually offers two types - one for herbivores and another for the vegetarians. These rectangular slices offer great chew. The speck al taglio offers great salty flavors, with the gorgonzola providing some funk and the balsamic vinaigrette adding some tart richness.

On another night, I had a corner piece of this same pizza al taglio and that was even better. The crust was especially crispy, though the dough itself was deliciously chewy. The speck was translucent and melted upon mastication. Yum.

Pizza al Taglio [$6]
Marinara, swiss chard, mozzarella, ricotta salata

We also tried the veggie slice, which showcased swiss chard which had nicely bitter flavors, balanced by the sweet marinara and the salty dried ricotta. This ate like a meal.

Calzone [$16]
Ricotta, prosciutto cotto, tomato sauce

We also ordered the calzone, which was just as pillowy as the first time I had it. The crust was crisp and the innards were salty and creamy, with the cooked ham offering heft.

Quattro Formaggi [$14]
Gorgonzola, mozzarella, smoked provolone, fontina 

Each cheese definitely stands on its own in this four cheese pice. The crispiness of the thin crust offered great texture for each bite.

Crudo [$18]
Prosciutto crudo, bufala mozzarella, parmigiano

This was my first time trying the crudo and I was not disappointed. The creamy bufala was the perfect canvas for the gossamer thin strips of the salty, cured ham. Nice. 

Consider this another win in my book for Pizzeria Vetri. Vetri's standout pizzeria continues to impress.

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